The Life of Dr. Mark McKenna

After working in the medical aesthetics for more than a decade, Mark McKenna got the idea of starting up OVME. The company experienced tremendous growth and became recognized as one of the largest businesses in the nation. He previously had a business that he opted to sell to a publicly held company. Dr. Mark McKenna is a certified Medical doctor who has received relevant license to practice Surgery by Both the Georgia and the Florida State Board of Medical Examiners. One thing that distinguishes him from other doctors is the passion he has for his patients. He is dedicated to serving to the best of his ability.

Dr. Mark McKenna hails from New Orleans, La. He was brought up by a father who practiced medicine. He enrolled in Tulane University Medical School and on graduating began his medical career at his father’s firm and at the same time opened a real estate development company known as McKenna Venture Investments. The real estate business did so well. He would later acquire two companies namely Uptown Title international and Universal Mortgage Lending. Out of the good management from Mark McKenna, the companies’ portfolio grew significantly. It provided job opportunity to more than 50 individuals and offered finance, real estate as well as design-build finance.

When a Hurricane Katrina destroyed the city of New Orleans in the year 2005, most of McKenna’s business went down to drain. After the storm, he began redeveloping low to moderate income houses in the attempt to rebuild the city. Two years later, Mr. McKenna relocated to Atlanta Georgia and officially launched a wellness aesthetic medical firm known as ShapeMed. He sold this enterprise in the year 2014 to Life Time Fitness International. He began offering his medical services to Life Time Fitness International up to 2016. One year later, Mark McKenna resolved to start OVME, an aesthetic company that uses technology. He sits as the chief executive officer of this fine company. Mark McKenna appreciates working together with others. He is an active member of Entrepreneurs Organization. Mark McKenna is a family man. He is married to Gianine McKenna, and together they have two adorable children.