Mike Baur Teaches Entrepreneurs to Take the Jump

Mike Baur started his business against the wall, as a small fry competing in a business environment that was owned mostly by private banks. However, he has risen steadily showing that he has something to offer that cannot be overlooked, and that something is the Swiss Startup Factory.


Baur started the Swiss Startup Factory in 2014 along with partners Oliver Walze and Max Meister. The Zurich based company offered a private way for people to manage their funds with financial technology in an independent fashion free from the public authorities that often regulate similar platforms.


Although Baur started his career in Frieborg working as an apprentice for UBS, he knew that he had an entrepreneurial spirit that he would eventually have to tap. He worked there moving up the assistant to managing director position of private banking. Then eight years later he became the CEO of CLairden Leu hired to help bring back bank management within Zurich.


However, he was still looking to reach further and that is where the Swiss Startup Factory was born from. He used the banking crisis as he left UBS to pull some former employees and major accounts over to Clariden Leu but there were still some internal clashes. The private banking system is made up of a lot of people that are reluctant to any type of change, and he stated that many are putting off making digital transformations which has been hurting their long-term outlooks.


Clariden Leu was taken over in 2011 and that is when he felt it was time to make a risk and go out on his own. He took some time to figure out his next steps and met his partners who he ended up founding the Swiss Startup Factory with. He also took the time to take a closer look at the advisory mandates for those with large assets in Switzerland, an area that still takes up over a third of his time.


He spends the rest of the time by encouraging entrepreneurs to come his way for a different type of funding that can help they get their feet on the ground within a financial industry that is continuing to shift as the leaders attempt to figure out how to survive. Baur tells others that they have to jump to see if they will make it or not.