Mike Baur supports tech startups in Switzerland

Mike Baur is the executive chairman and co-founder of the Swiss Startup Factory. It is an establishment that helps startups rich their full potential. Baur has interests in disruptive technologies. He appreciates the effects that these technologies have on the financial industry. Mike Baur has a long history working with startups as well as working in the banking sector.


Mike Baur was born in Switzerland. He started working in the banking sector at a very early age of 16 years. He worked in the banking sector for about two decades. In his time in the banking sector, he had the opportunity to interact with the wealthy people in the country. He had grown very first in the banking sector and was mandated by his bank known as the Union Bank of Switzerland to be the adviser to the highly esteemed clients. His grasp of financial matters was impressive, and the bank has never seen a brilliant mind at such a young age as Mike Baur was.


Mike Baur did not stay in this bank up to the retirement age as his initial contract said. In 2008, he left this bank and joined another bank in Zurich called Clariden Leu. In this new bank, he was given a senior managerial position. He stayed on for about six years before leaving the banking industry altogether.


Mike Baur had gathered enough experience to enable him to start his own business. Through his experience in the banking sector, Mike Baur had realized that the biggest problem that was affecting the business sector in the country was lack of knowledge on running a business. There are many young people with brilliant ideas, but the ideas would stall after a short time after they fail to be implemented into profit-making ventures. Mike Baur saw the dire need in helping the startups establish themselves in a better way.


Mike Baur decided to use his knowledge from the business sector to inspire and mentor many young people in the country to take up business. He co-founded a company known as the Swiss Startup Factory. This is an incubator for tech startups in the country. It was started in 2014 and has so far assisted numerous startups businesses in the country to achieve desired growth. The incubator offers a three-month program which mentors the young entrepreneurs on how to manage a startup business. Mike Baur offers the young people a chance to interact with the successful business people in the country and learn from them what needs to be done to grow a business successfully.