Mike Baur: Amazingly Happy

The best entrepreneurial stories end in true happiness. Most entrepreneurial stories end with someone being insanely rich or famous; not necessarily happy. Mike Baur’s story is one that starts off more conventional and ends with him being happy, not contempt. Understanding the difference between the two is what makes a truly successful entrepreneur.

Mike’s career began as an apprentice at a Union Bank of Switzerland. At first, he was all bright-eyed about his new career in banking. He most excited by a hiring manager’s prediction that he’d excel higher than anyone else at the company, promising Baur numerous promotions before retirement.

As predicted, Baur’s career with UBS came with several promotions. Yet, he began feeling less enthused about banking as time went on. By 2008, he wanted a change of scenery, so he took a job at another banked called Clariden Leu. He worked there for about six years until he lost all interest in being a banker.

The same year he left Clariden, he co-founded Swiss Startup Factory with Max Meister. Swiss Startup Factory is the highest rated incubator firm in the country. In particular, they target young tech entrepreneurs and offer them mentoring and training.

They also encourage promising startups to compete in pitching contest. Their first year, Baur served as a juror at one of the pitching contest, as a way of establishing SSUF’s name in the industry. He pitching contest he served with was START Summiteer, which is held at different Swiss universities every year.

For a lot of reasons, Baur couldn’t leave banking behind him. Working with SSUF startups made him remember what he loved about banking. He created his own financial advisory firm called Think Reloaded. Most of his clients remembered him from back in the day, so Think Reloaded found success very quickly.

For Mike Baur, it’s all about the startups and the entrepreneurs building them. Even the word “factory” in the company’s name inspires success. Factories are hard-working, efficient places that continuously produce quality products. Baur wants every entrepreneur to give 100 percent in every venture they pursue.

He’s also a brilliant teacher because of the choices he’s made. Most people would’ve been happy with a successful and lucrative career. Mike Baur left all of that behind to pursue his dream of entrepreneurship. He’s an inspiration.