Managing Finances with Southridge Capital

Southridge Capital was founded by Stephen M. Hicks, who also serves as the company’s CEO. The company has been operational since 1996 with employees ranging from 11-50. Their headquarters are in Ridgefield in Connecticut. The company has played a vital role in bringing back companies back to glory and uplift others too.


The Company’s objective is to offer ingenious financial solutions to all sorts of companies. The company is backed up by an experienced as well as informed of the market structure. Therefore, they deliver results based on the needs of the client. Southridge Capital offers financial assistance to companies facing bankruptcy as well as uplifting those in bankruptcy through reconstructing analysis. Thus, companies are on their toes concerning managing finances and earning.


The company takes pride in investing $1.8 billion into growing more than 250 companies since they began in 1996. Their more than qualified team with an ample skillset at their disposal is keen to point out problems in a company and provide or the best solution. The company can be sort after for services such as financial analysis, balance sheet optimization which is under the advisory umbrella. They also take part in merging and acquisition to help identify the right business portfolio a merger candidate will access.


Southridge Capital ensures the securitization of companies by exploiting opportunities that aid in financing the institution itself. They expound on requirements needed by the law to companies with the aim of settling litigation. Besides, Southridge offers convertible preferred stock, convertible debentures, loans against common shares, Equity purchase agreements as well as cater for fiscal issues and purchasing of curation solutions. Their services automatically increase the income of companies steadily.


Southridge Capital has maintained its prowess in the ability to formulating a working financial plan to its client base, reflected by the results they achieve.


Apart from offering financial solutions, Southridge enhances community leadership, team building, and volunteer work. Participation in social empowerment through faith charities and non-profit organizations shows how socially responsible they are. Some of the charity organizations are Eric B. Memorial Fund, Ridgefield Community Centre, Lounsbury House, among many more.

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