How Dr. Imran Haque Treats The Asheboro Community

Dr. Imran Haque is an internal medicine specialist who works at Horizon Internal Medicine in Asheboro, North Carolina. He completed his education and entered the medical industry more than 15 years ago and has successfully built up a large number of patients that come to him as their primary care physician. Over the years he has differentiated himself from other doctors in the region by offering services that can’t be found at any other provider.

When talking about advances in his profession since he became a doctor, Dr. Haque says that it’s the increase in technology that has made the biggest difference. Healthcare has improved dramatically due to new technology that makes it easier to care for patients and being able to do things in the medical field that would never have been possible before. One thing that has really helped is the huge increase in electronic medical records. This allows coordinated care between physicians that not that many years ago was exceedingly difficult and slow, if not impossible and more

One of the skills that Dr. Haque says he excels at is multitasking, something that is a very good skill to have when you’re a doctor. He says that multitasking is something he does continuously throughout the day as he cares for his patients. He credits this skill to his developing into a very productive entrepreneur.

Dr. Haque has become very skilled at offering laser hair removal and Horizon Internal Medicine has the latest technology for this technique. He has many patients that have hair growing in areas that they really want to remove in order to look their best.

Weight management is another area that Dr. Haque has developed expertise in, especially as it relates to diabetes management. He has patients come to him who need to lose weight and he shows them the best way of going about it. The best way is through eating a healthy diet and limiting the number of calories you eat each day. Daily exercise is also important to staying fit and Dr. Haque encourages his patients to engage in healthy movement every day.