Jason Hope On How Interconnected Devices With Change Our World

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Jason Hope is a passionate about the future even calling himself a “futurist.” A part of that puzzle including the Internet of Things or “IoT.” What is this you may think? Another word that can be used for this is smart devices. It is a big network of inner connected devices. For example, there are smart thermostats that are connected to the internet.

Jason Hope received his education from his home state of Arizona and still resides there to this day. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Arizona State University. Continuing one Mr. Hope got his Master of Business Administration degree from W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. He owns a website dedicated to helping innovative technology companies get the funding they need to get their businesses off and running. The successful entrepreneur foresees how the Internet of Things will impact the future and how it can may life a lot easier.

Have you ever heard of blockchain security? It is going to be incredible important to the world of cryptocurrency. It is a digital of financial transactions and details of them online. It is also encrypted which it the future of security. Because more information in the near future will be stored online it is important to have really good security that cannot be hacked, especially when it comes to financial information. Jason Hope also predicts that the Internet of Things will improve the marketing world. They will be able to see information as a whole from smart devices and learn more accurately about what people want. When they analysis this data they will be able to market their products more efficiently to their audience. Another huge factor for the world of technology is artificial intelligence. These devices are programmed to be more intuitive and can process much more information than other devices. It can make people’s lives much easier, functional, and streamlined. In fact, some of these devices can be seen in everyday lives as of now with Google Assistant and Siri. They can perform an array of tasks from dimming the lights, to playing music, to searching driving directions.

Jason Hope believes that sensors/communication devices will improve peoples lives. They have recognition devices that are highly more secure that just using a padlock for security. For instance, face recognition is going to become a huge thing pretty soon in our world.

Jason Hope info: tech.co/author/jasonhope

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Jason Hope Describes Where He Sees The Internet Of Things Going In The Future

Jason Hope is an investor and business consultant who closely follows technology trends.

He is the founder of Jason Hope Business Consulting that is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Mr. Hope has graduated from Arizona State University with a bachelors degree in finance and a masters degree in business administration. Below is Jason Hope’s stance on the future of the internet of things.

The internet of things holds much promise according to Jason Hope. It currently connects some of our smart devices to things such as video cameras at home so that we can check on our pets while we our away. Some other examples of the internet of things includes being able to lock our doors and garages as well as activate any security alarms from a remote location via a smartphone. Smart TV’s that stream content from the internet are yet another example of the internet of things at work for our convenience, security and pleasure.

So where is the internet of things headed these days? Jason Hope believes that more and more devices will become connected in the future. For example, Jason sees the potential of the internet of things to appear in kitchen appliances where you can turn on and off the stove and microwave. Another thing that the internet of things could impact is our cars and utilities such as street lamps. A street connected to the internet has the possibility of only turning on when there is someone within a certain range. This will provide savings to utility companies, by not having street lamps on when there is nobody around.