Is Waiakea Water The Most Perfect Water In The World?

Over the past decade, consumers have seen a rise in luxury bottled water brands being put on the market with expensive price tags. The reality is that many of these luxury waters are nothing more than fancy packaging and clever marketing. This truth has left many bottled water consumers feeling duped as well as guilty as experts have warned us about the environmental impacts of consuming large quantities of bottled water which come in plastic bottles.

According to Ladisco, there is one new bottled water product which is not only worthy of the term “luxury” but is also completely sustainable for those concerned about environmental and ethical issues related to purchasing bottled water. Waiakea water, derived from the Hawaiian Waiakea Spring, has an incredibly unique nutritional content and is totally sustainable.

The company producing this water was started by Ryan Emmons in 2012, when he discovered this special water during a vacation with his family in Hawaii. He bottled it and marketed it, and the company is now worth several million dollars as consumers are raving about its health benefits as well as its unique and refreshing taste.

This unique water boasts a pH level which ranges between 7.8 and 8.8, meaning that the water is alkaline, as opposed to other common bottled waters which don’t exceed a pH level of 7. The water is also full of electrolytes which are essential for the body’s function. Potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium are all present in high levels in this water. Additionally, the water contains high levels of silica, a nutrient shown to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s significantly. Learn more about Waiakea Water:

Besides the fact that the water itself is derived from a renewable source, the bottles are created using a process which reduces carbon emissions by 90% compared to the manufacturing of traditional plastic bottles. The bottles themselves are made of a recycled material.

The company has a philanthropic mission as well. Having teamed up with Pump Aid, sales of the water help impoverished African communities by providing them with sustainable water pumps, providing clean water to these underprivileged areas.

Baby Boomster has it that Emmons has created a Waiakea Water which is much more than a luxury product with fancy packaging. This could very well be the most perfect water in the world thanks to its taste, nutritional value and ethical and environmental impact.