End Citizens United: Fighting The Undue Influence Present With The Corporate Foundations In Political America

“End Citizens United: Fighting Against “Anything Goes” Campaign Finance” by the writers over at reporterexpert.com covers the interesting events that surround a recent decision in favor of the small, conservatively-based group Citizens United. Back in 2010, the group went to the Supreme Court over an ad that they released featuring political candidate Hillary Clinton in what can only be dubbed as a feature-length movie attacking the candidate. Upon viewing the movie, the Federal Election Commission demanded that Citizens United disclose their funding sources and preventing them from airing the movie. As a corporation, they were not permitted to air the movie and were even prohibited from creating the communication within so many days of the upcoming election. They immediately took the court’s ruling all the way up to the Supreme Court where they were granted the same freedom of speech rights as normal everyday citizens were.

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For some citizens it seems cut and dry, they wanted to air a movie and they sought the avenues that were available to them in order to air it. End Citizens United saw the long-term implications of such a decision. By extending those same rights to the corporation they also extended the rights of corporations to contribute an anonymously to a candidate’s campaign without a cap to the amount of money that they are able to donate. This means that they can operate with almost 0 checks and balances. It is not only terrifying for the individuals over at End Citizens United but should be something that all citizens worry about when it comes to corporate influence over their local political candidates.

Nowadays, End Citizens United works on securing funding for those candidates that have gone on the record as saying that they do not support this measure or are unwilling to take corporate funding because of this measure. Since these individuals are not taking this funding that puts them at a severe disadvantage when compared to their opponents that may take the funding. This organization helps make the money necessary to help run a campaign and keep these candidates in the race. During their first cycle, they were able to secure more than $25 million to help their candidates all over the nation. This showed that while the corporate thread is still looking for many individuals, organizations such as End Citizens United will continue to push for the Supreme Court to overturn this amount of undue influence.

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Democratic Senator Scores Endorsement From Campaign Finance Reform Group End Citizens United

Running a successful politician campaign can be a very expensive endeavor for a politician who is either seeking to win their very first election or who is seeking to be re-elected. There are many components to a successful political campaign such as having a well organized corps of volunteers who are being strategically deployed to knock on doors on behalf of a candidate or make phone calls to potential supporters to help the candidate achieve their goal of winning their election. A strong campaign must also be buffered by the insight and skill of a competent campaign strategist who is able to bring together all of the disparate elements of the campaign operation in such a way that a candidate is able to resonate with voters and receive enough votes to either be competitive in a primary or a final election.

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It should go without saying that paying a top notch campaign manager and a team that will be capable of executing their vision costs a lot of money. A campaign must be able to raise enough funds to pay full-time staff and to be able to cover the costs of running campaign ads on local television, radio, social media and in newspapers and magazines. That said given the exorbitant costs that are associated with running political campaigns it makes sense for a candidate to want to have the ability to seek out as much money as they possibly can. However the unfortunate thing about this line of thinking is that much of the money that is injected into the process of political fundraising can come with strings attached to it. Because of lax campaign finance reform laws that were weakened by the infamous Supreme Court case Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission players such as labor unions and large corporations have now been able to spend an unrestricted amount of money in political races. Because of the Citizens United case these entities have been able to throw around their influence in a way that the average constituent cannot by enticing candidates who are running expensive campaigns.

That said candidates who choose to opt out of the cycle of accepting money from Super PACs are taking a risk. Recently Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York announced that she would no longer be taking campaign funds from corporate political action committees. By refusing to take campaign dollars from the coffers of corporate political action committees Senator Kirsten Gillibrand was able to receive the endorsement of End Citizens United, a group that seeks to reverse the impact of the Citizens United case. End Citizens United has been seeking to promote integrity in the political fundraising process. End Citizens United lauded Kirsten Gillibrand for her decision.

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Betsy DeVos’ Accomplishments in Business and Leadership

Betsy DeVos is a hard working businesswoman and philanthropist who has committed herself to the supporting communities across the United States. She has been involved in politics and is also a top education activist. Mrs. DeVos has held campaigns in more than 25 states to advocate for charter schools, schools vouchers, and school of choice to ensure that children get an education that can brighten their future. Betsy has been working on her charity work with Dick DeVos who is her husband. In 1989, they established an organization that is known as the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation to support the people of Michigan and the rest of the country. The DeVos family owns Amway and Orlando Magic basketball club. In 2016, they were acknowledged by the Forbes Magazine, which ranked them as the United States’ 88th richest family.


Mrs. DeVos has put a lot of efforts to ensure that the Detroit charter school system is successful. Her campaigns have enabled thousands of children to access high-quality education in different parts of the country. Betsy has made significant contributions to the Foundation for Excellence in Education, which she currently serves. She was in the administration team of the All Children Matter PAC, Acton Institute, and of Alliance for School Choice. The philanthropist also volunteered to support the Grand Rapids Public Schools. Her family has made significant donations to the Success Academy Charter Schools to ensure that children from low-income families get an opportunity to study.


Apart from being a renowned philanthropist, Betsy has been participating in political activities since the early 1980s. She has served as a Michigan Republican Party member as from 1982 and was elected as a delegate in 1986. Mrs. DeVos’ outstanding work at the party enabled her to be appointed as a member of the Republican National Committee’s Michigan division. She later won the Michigan Republican Party’s chairperson election and held the office as from 1996 to 2000. Betsy has been assisting the Michigan Republican Party in raising funds to support campaigns and other activities. In 2004, she was on the frontline during President Bush’s campaign fund raiser, and her team gave over $150,000. The party has received over $17 million from her husband’s family in the past three decades.


Mrs. DeVos has also established a successful career as a businessperson. She currently acts as the Windquest Groups co-chairperson. The company was founded by her husband, and it has specialized in dealing with clean energy, technology, and manufacturing. The couple is among the leading shareholders of Neurocorea, which is a company that has invented excellent therapies for anxiety, autism, and depression. Mr. and Mrs. DeVos made great contributions towards the establishment of the West Michigan Aviation College.


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Michigan Work Leads To National Success For Betsy DeVos

In February 2017, Betsy DeVos was finally confirmed as the U.S. Secretary of Education in a move that seemed to bring the life’s work of the Michigan native to its zenith with national recognition of her skills as an education reformer. I have been aware of the work of Betsy DeVos for a number of years and have watched with interest as she has played a major role in the improvements that have been seen in the Michigan public school system and the establishment of key strategies for improvement that have now been taken on by state school boards across the nation; what has impressed me the most about Mrs. DeVos has been her steadfast belief in the cause of education reform that has often been completed in a difficult atmosphere when she has had to face off with those who wish to fight against the modernization of the school system because of their own fears. Check this related article from nypost.com

In a Philanthropy Roundtable interview, Mrs. DeVos explained she has already seen a number of successes in her work as an education reformer that have allowed her to become something of an expert in how best to bring about the much needed change the children of the U.S. deserve to create a better future for themselves. Zip codes have played too much of a role in the movement of children to different schools in recent years and Betsy DeVos has been fighting to make sure the location of a student’s home does not have a long term negative effect on their future life; I am always pleased when Betsy DeVos looks back and highlights the implementation of a tax credit school voucher program in the state of Florida and mentions it as her major philanthropic success. I can recall the fight to pass the legislation in Florida that came after a difficult period of negotiations that I believe showed how successful Secretary DeVos can be in working with politicians from across the political landscape to achieve success for all the children of the U.S.

Although her work as an education reformer has always risen to the top of any discussion about Betsy DeVos, I am always pleased when she also discusses the many good causes and business options she and her billionaire husband Dick DeVos undertake, Through The Windquest group investment company she and Dick established, Betsy DeVos has continued to find impressive ways of backing important causes, including the ArtPrize that is available in Grand Rapids, Michigan and is designed to engage the citizens of the area in visiting as many exhibits during this annual festival as possible. Visit dbdvfoundation.org to know more about their foundation.

George Soros uses unique philosophy to conquer markets

George Soros is unique among investors in that he has relied, throughout his career, on a keen understanding of philosophy, rather than just understanding the mechanics of the markets. Long having a strong interest in academic pursuits, Soros didn’t come to the markets until a much later age, after a period of unemployment that serendipitously ended with a friend from college urging him to apply at his father’s Wall Street trading firm.

Soros long harbored a love of philosophy and of academic work. Growing up in a Jewish household in Hungary during the 1930s, he was exposed to the excesses of nationalism run-amok. During the War years, Soros’ extended family was viciously hunted down by Nazi invaders, with some of them ended up languishing in death camps and even dying there. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

This experience had a profound impact on Soros’ early intellectual development. He decided to apply to Oxford to study philosophy. He was accepted, studying under famed professor Karl Popper. Popper was best known for his seminal work the “Open Society and Its Enemies”. This book would have a profound impact on sources developing philosophies of both the world and functioning of markets. He would go on to name his flagship philanthropic organization, the Open Society foundations, after the book’s title.

After graduating with a master’s degree in philosophy, Soros ended up wandering the English countryside, doing a series of menial jobs, none of which he found the slightest bit stimulating. After working dead-end jobs for approximately five years, Soros decided that he had had enough. He applied to a Wall Street firm at the urging of a friend and was quickly hired.

Over the next 15 years, George Soros bounced around from one Wall Street trading firm to the next. During this time most of his co-workers described him as being a man it completely engulfed in thought and the expanding of his own philosophical works. It was during this time that Soros first came up with the idea of reflexivity, a philosophy that held markets were not only inefficient but were entirely irrational the majority of the time. This philosophy stood in stark contrast to the reigning orthodoxy of the time. Soros’ philosophy seriously, but it would be he who had the last laugh.

After starting his own hedge fund in 1972, Soros went on to apply his theory of reflexivity to the actual markets. This experiment proved enormously successful. Soros ultimately would go on to generate over 25 percent return per year over a 40-plus year career. This ranks as one of the most spectacular achievements in market history and makes Soros, perhaps, the greatest investor who has ever lived.

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End Citizen Raises Four Million Dollars

End Citizens United is a popular political action committee. The committee was established several years ago, and it focuses on driving big money away from politics. The organization recently announced that it was planning to raise some money on its own.
The group has been successful in its mission, and it has already collected over four million dollars. According to the USA TODAY, the money was raised three months ago, and the company is hoping to raise at least 35,000,000 dollars before the midterm elections for the Congress that will take place in 2018. The PAC started operations last year during the presidential campaign, and it had made25, 000,000 dollars for its operations.
Tiffany Muller, the president of End Citizen United, says that more than one 100,000 people made their contributions early this year. Out of this number, 40,000 individuals gave their contributions for the first time. The executive director and the team of leaders in the PAC say that their primary goal is to ensure that they elect campaign finance reform champions to represent them in the Congress.
The president of the company also stated that the average contribution that has been donated to the group is over 12 dollars. This is because the donors in the committee feel that the system used failed them. According to the donors, the individuals who can write huge checks to fund politics had the biggest say in the presidential elections. Muller says that this is the best way for the donors to fight back and nominate the right people to represent them in the Congress.
Tiffany also said that the Democrats in the country are furious about Donald Trump’s win. This group is willing to fight back against the agendas of the president and all his nominees especially his Supreme Court nominee, Judge Neil Gorsuch.
End Citizen United has been urging its supporters in the recent weeks to donate 500,000 dollars to support Jon Ossoff’s congressional campaigns. The first time political candidate wants to represent Georgia in the Congress. The candidate is only 30 years old, and he managed to shock the political community. This is because he managed to raise over four million dollars that will be used in the special election that will be taking place on April 18, 2017, to fill a seat that was left vacant by Tom Price, the Health and Human Services Secretary.
Tiffany is the former deputy political director of the well-known Senate Democrats‘ campaign arm. Muller believes that her group will achieve its goals and that it is still examining all the races which will be active in the upcoming congress election. Tiffany says that these elections will play a huge role in the future of the country.