Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery & The Dallas Way of Life

Brazilian butt lifts are all the rage these days. A very high percentage of women have opted for this exclusive medical procedure and a very high percentage of women are satisfied with the results. The Brazilian butt lift is similar to a work-of-art. It is a custom-medical procedure that fits the individual’s needs. Unlike the traditional butt lift treatment, the Brazilian butt lift is less invasive. Two tiny incisions will be used to inflate the buttocks. The inflation comes from your very own fatty tissue. This fatty tissue can come from your thighs, from your hips, or from your stomach.

Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

Yes, anesthesia will be used during this process and the procedure should take from anywhere under two hours. Your surgeon will advise you on a number of healing techniques and for how to take care of your body. A compression sleeve is mandatory for healing and you should definitely take it easy for about three weeks. During the healing process, you’ll surely experience some swelling and bruising on your backside. Since pain can be an issue, some surgeons will include pain medications with the actual treatment. On the other hand, some surgeons will require that the patient should seek pain medication via prescriptions or over-the-counter medicines. By the fourth week, you’ll need to schedule regular appointments with your surgeon in which you’ll be examined and monitored. Functions such as walking or doing light squats can aide the body with a fresh blood supply. This fresh blood supply will keep the blood in that specific area from clotting.


Once you’ve fully healed, you can begin to sport your brand new bum with confidence. It’s not like you’ve went out and bought something that’s foreign and stuck it into your body. Your firm, sexy bum will be made-up of your very own fatty tissue that came from other areas on your body.

Scott Rocklage Helps Healthcare Through Growing Businesses

The combination of business and healthcare is an inexhaustible commodity in the market. Scientist and businessman Dr. Scott Rocklage is a prime example of the success that can be found in helping to grow business ventures that ultimately improve the health of others. Learn more:


Rocklage joined his current firm, 5AM Ventures, in 2003. He started as a Venture Partner, and due to his exceptional knowledge and leadership skills he was quickly promoted to a Managing Partner in 2004. 5AM Ventures is a healthcare investment firm that seeks to help other companies expand or conduct clinical trials for medication. In fact, Rocklage has overseen the creation of three new prescription medications that were released to market with FDA approval.


Much of Rocklage’s success can be attributed to how he balances the aspects of the uncommon workday for a healthcare entrepreneur. He stays heavily involved in managing portfolio companies, which includes attending board meetings and helping to enhance business models for other managers. However, Scott Rocklage is a scientist at heart and dedicates a considerable amount of time to researching new advancements in the life science field of study.


Due to his education and experience, Scott Rocklage possesses a wealth of information regarding chemistry and the field of life science. He has put much of this knowledge into writing and currently has over 100 peer-reviewed publications to his name. As an inventor, Rocklage has been involved in over 30 patents that are registered in the United States. Currently, Scott Rocklage has more than 30 years of experience in managing healthcare businesses and is based out of the Boston area.


Dr. Scott Rocklage is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley where he was the recipient of a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. Rocklage went on to earn his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he was involved in research in the laboratory of Nobel Prize winner Richard R. Schrock. Prior to 5AM Ventures, Scott Rocklage served as a chairman for Novira and Relypsa. He was also on the board for Cubist Pharmaceuticals, in addition to serving as the company’s CEO.