Brazil’s Shining Copa Star

At first glance, you would think they were building another five-star hotel in Copacabana, but with further focus, it becomes aware that there is now a new hospital with a heightened sense of hospitality. A highly welcomed addition by the people of the southern region of Rio de Janeiro and it adds to the beauty of the area. Not only does the hospital have a new approach to providing care to its patients, but also it implements the latest technology while maintaining luxurious comfort and service. Visit the site to read more about Copa Star.

With the integration of the new Smart Hospitality system there can be an increase in patient freedom via a few keystrokes on an iPad. This new method allows for bedridden patients to have an easier capability to improve the experience of their stay in the hospital by allowing them to adjust their bed posture, change the lighting of the room and to notify doctors and nurses for assistance. The Copa Star was first planned and began construction in 2013, which came to conclusion three years later in October of 2016 and now provides a more convenient location to the populace in Rio de Janeiro who use to be transported by helicopter to Sao Paulo. Also, it reconciles the professional hospital staff with hotel accommodations to invoke a setting with unified technology, comfort, and human acceptance.

The team that is assembled for the hospital was put through two months of training consisting of various tests and simulations to prepare for the unexpected. This training was very intricate in detail, which involved to the manner of approach practiced by hospital staff down to the clothes and make-up they are to wear when welcoming patients. With a staff body of 550 employees, measures were taken to ensure that this training was incorporated properly among all facets of the hospital officials and workers providing for a new mentality for the healthcare of the local population while making the experience a personalized and exclusive one. The hopes for this facility are to improve the conditions for the people of Rio de Janeiro and to help instill a more prosperous future for the region as a whole. This new concept that incorporates a more hospitable hospital could be a industry changing trend that could become more prevalent in major cities and potentially other countries. The underlying intention is to make the hospital seem like less of a grim setting for a patient’s recovery and to feel closer to a vacation that returns oneself to a newer perspective of better health. Visit the site to know more about Copa Star.

How Dr. Rick Shinto’s Experience Has Helped Him Succeed at InnovaCare

Richard Shinto’s stint as InnovaCare’s president and chief executive officer has coincided with unprecedented success for the healthcare insurance firm. His appointment to the position was seen as a notable corporate coup for the company. This is because Rick is an outstanding corporate executive who has a proven track record for offering transformational leadership wherever he has worked. Within his first year in office, InnovaCare had already been transformed into a major player in the health insurance market.

Under Dr. Shinto’s leadership, InnovaCare Health has also managed to make inroads into previously untapped markets including Puerto Rico. This is attributed to the ambitious expansion plans that he has helped put in place since his appointment. What distinguishes Rick from other corporate executives is his easygoing nature and hands-on approach to leadership, which has endeared him to InnovaCare employees and clients alike. In addition, he is always willing to listen to employees’ and clients’ grievances. Visit their website at

The Winning Team

InnovaCare’s success is also attributed to the winning mentality and ambitious team that Rick has put in place. Together with the firm’s chief operating officer Penelope Kokkinides, Rick has helped etch a resilient corporate identity and culture that distinguishes InnovaCare from other players in the industry. Being a medical practitioner by profession, he understands the needs and challenges that healthcare provider, insurers, and patients face every day. This explains why he has been able to formulate business strategies that factor in all these stakeholders.

Since his tentative years in the health insurance market, Rick’s goal was to redefine people’s perception towards health coverage. This ambition has been his guiding principle since based on it, he has helped formulate resilient strategies that have the ability to address challenges that face the sector. Under his stewardship, InnovaCare has mainly focused on building long-term provider-patient relationships that are based on affordability, novelty, and quality. It is for this reason that InnovaCare’s healthcare plans are preferred by low-income individuals. Follow Innovacare at LinkedIn.

Dr. Shinto’s Résumé

Rick has had an unparalleled medical career spanning more than 20 years. He holds a BSc. from the University of California. He similarly holds a medicine degree from the University of New York, and an MBA from the University of Redlands. Prior to his appointment at InnovaCare, Dr. Rick Shinto worked at Normal American Medical Management, MedPartners, Cal Optma, and Medical Pathways Management. This impeccable managerial career has enabled him to perform his role at the firm outstandingly. Rick was the recipient of the 2012 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.