Overview of Lori Senecal’s background and Interview with Laura Dunn

Lori Senecal is the current CP+B global CEO and was previously the Global Executive Chairman at KBS. She is charged with driving MDC’s strategic vision, working with the partner agencies to fuel cross-collaboration and growth, and deepening the unique model of MDC. In the past five years, Lori has pioneered a fresh ambition for the marketing industry by igniting a movement that will press beyond the “innovation” hyperbole to authentic invention. Lori Senecal believes strongly that a true invention is the real answer to delivering a competitive edge for brands. Lori Senecal recently opened up about her life and career in an interview with Laura Dunn, Huffington Post.

How her life experience impacted her Career
Lori was the youngest child among the four children in the family and this had an impact on the type of leader she is today. She grew up trying to break away from the tag of the younger sister to her talented siblings. She worked hard to carve out her accomplishments and identity and this made her dream big and took bold actions to differentiate. These two have helped her a lot in her life.

How Previous Employment Experience assisted her at KBS and MDC

Lori explained that throughout her career she believed in the power of culture when it comes to driving positive change. She has embraced this belief in the organizations she has worked in by inspiring people to have the desire to be part of a purposeful and pioneering mission together. Lori believes a culture is started through the establishment of a big belief. The belief should demonstrate the commitment of the company to the belief and allow everyone to be personally involved in it. At KBS for instance, the big belief was invention on adweek.com. There were invention competitions that all employees had to take part in and thus creating an environment that supports inventing and tinkering.

Highlights and Challenges

Lori addressed her challenges when she joined KBS as the president and CEO; the agency was at its inflection point as the founders were preparing to exit the business on Huffington Post. Moreover, she met the clients and agency hungry for a new mission and vision to buy into. She had to immediately capture the staff and clients’ imaginations to convince them to stay on and become part of the agency’s next big chapter.

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