Jeff Herman, The Voice Of The Voiceless


Jeff Herman is at the helm of the nationally recognized law firm – Herman Law as its founder and managing director. His work, exclusively in the area of sexual abuse, exploitation and other physical violence has been crucial in allowing the victims to find their voice. His work with children in and out of the courtroom has been extremely eye-opening as he continues to shine the light on the predatorial practices, Jeff Herman’s notable forensic child interviewing technique has been extremely helpful to his practice and the authorities. He shares his knowledge of the same by training professionals in various organizations that handle child abuse.


When asked how he manages his busy life, in a stream of work that is nothing short of emotionally charged, Jeff Herman talked about using a team of doctors. Doctors who work in the field of biometric training. He explains how the cases used to weigh on him and have a personal impact, so much so that he almost quit the profession. Biometric Training has allowed him to change the way he approaches his clients, by staying sympathetic and at the same time not taking the case to heart at a personal level and causing himself distress. Read This Article for more information.


Between the grueling hours, heavy subject matter and an unbelievable amount of work, Jeff Herman believes that if anyone young wants to take up the cause, they need to be sure that they are passionate. Becoming an attorney without a passion for the field, he believes, is the reason most people leave the field.


Herman’s belief in simplifying things to its extremely basic form has been immensely important in his career, allowing him to see cases for what they are fundamentally and work on theories as thoroughly as possible before they become facts of the case. Being a visual person, he often uses the assistance of a whiteboard to mark a timeline of the case to help him understand the events and the bigger picture.


It’s clear that Jeff Herman and Herman Law are passionate about their work just as he advised future lawyers to be, it is that passion and unrelenting drive that has made both him and his law firm a household name in the country, giving a voice to the voiceless.


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Bruno Fagali: Reducing Corruption In Brazil

Brazil is a beautiful country, and a lot of people are visiting the country because of its beauty. However, deep within the beauty of Brazil lies an ugly truth – the nation is plagued by corrupt officials and corruption seems not to end. From the high ranking officials of the land down to the lowest officials, corruption is deeply rooted in society. The country is consistently being on the most corrupted countries list, and no matter how hard Brazil tries to remove its negative image when it comes to corruption, it always stays and would never leave them. Many private organizations have asked the government to punish those who are tainting the image of Brazil because of their corruption, and individuals are also protesting the ill-mannered activities done by the government.

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Bruno Fagali, a young lawyer who just passed his examinations, stated that the government should start being serious about the issue. Because he wanted his country to be taken off the most corrupt countries list, Bruno Fagali decided to launch the FAGALI Advocacy, and according to him, the goal of his organization is to stop the plague of corruption that has been haunting the country ever since. He administered a departmental drive that would take place in key cities around the country. With departmental drive, he would be visiting a government office, and he would be observing how the employees would behave. Bruno Fagali also stated that there would be educational presentations that would open up the mind of the government officials.

So far, the campaign of Bruno Fagali was reported to be successful. People who are living near government centers have expressed their joy because of the dwindling number of corruption cases. According to the people who have been subjected to the departmental drive; it will be tough for those who would commit such act to do their illegal practices under the surveillance of the CCTV cameras. According to, Bruno Fagali continues to spread his message across the country, and he would love to see a redeemed Brazil, where the officials have changed and adopted a new law that would punish corrupt officials.

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Get Legal Counsel Quicker in New York From Jeremy Goldstein

Finding a good lawyer is a tedious affair. By the time you are looking for one, you are already in distress. Most times, you end up settling for someone whose credentials you have not verified. For residents of New York, that headache has just found a cure.


The Lawyer Referral and Information Service branch of the New York State Bar Association has partnered with, a legal services referral management provider, to offer an online portal to help you find certified and reviewed lawyers quickly. The platform helps lawyers access clients inexpensively. It offers clients free legal services referral management. In addition, it is marketed as the go-to destination for organizations and individuals seeking assistance with New York law.


Finding the best lawyer in New York through the platform is free and easy. Log on at NYSBALRIS and describe your legal needs and location in a simple to use confidential questionnaire. If there is a local lawyer referral service in your area, they will get your request otherwise the State Bar will match you to the best attorney in the vicinity.


An attorney consultation fee is charged for the first half hour and a retainer fee later negotiated. Exemptions from the initial consultation fee are possible in several categories such as military, medical, social security and personal injury among others.


One award-winning lawyer you are likely to find is Jeremy Goldstein who founded his practice, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates in 2014. He specializes in advising senior management teams and compensation committees on corporate governance and executive compensation. In addition, Jeremy Goldstein has consulted on dozens of mergers and acquisitions. He is an ardent speaker on his niche.


Additionally, Jeremy Goldstein heads the Mergers & Acquisitions Subcommittee of the American Bar Association. Leading industry publications such as The Legal 500 have recognized his leadership in discussing executive pay. Jeremy Goldstein also serves on the board of Fountain House, a nonprofit catering to people afflicted with mental illness in New York City.