Get Legal Counsel Quicker in New York From Jeremy Goldstein

Finding a good lawyer is a tedious affair. By the time you are looking for one, you are already in distress. Most times, you end up settling for someone whose credentials you have not verified. For residents of New York, that headache has just found a cure.


The Lawyer Referral and Information Service branch of the New York State Bar Association has partnered with, a legal services referral management provider, to offer an online portal to help you find certified and reviewed lawyers quickly. The platform helps lawyers access clients inexpensively. It offers clients free legal services referral management. In addition, it is marketed as the go-to destination for organizations and individuals seeking assistance with New York law.


Finding the best lawyer in New York through the platform is free and easy. Log on at NYSBALRIS and describe your legal needs and location in a simple to use confidential questionnaire. If there is a local lawyer referral service in your area, they will get your request otherwise the State Bar will match you to the best attorney in the vicinity.


An attorney consultation fee is charged for the first half hour and a retainer fee later negotiated. Exemptions from the initial consultation fee are possible in several categories such as military, medical, social security and personal injury among others.


One award-winning lawyer you are likely to find is Jeremy Goldstein who founded his practice, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates in 2014. He specializes in advising senior management teams and compensation committees on corporate governance and executive compensation. In addition, Jeremy Goldstein has consulted on dozens of mergers and acquisitions. He is an ardent speaker on his niche.


Additionally, Jeremy Goldstein heads the Mergers & Acquisitions Subcommittee of the American Bar Association. Leading industry publications such as The Legal 500 have recognized his leadership in discussing executive pay. Jeremy Goldstein also serves on the board of Fountain House, a nonprofit catering to people afflicted with mental illness in New York City.