The Impact of Sheldon Lavin at OSI Group LLC

OSI Group LLC is an international meat processing company that has been in existence since 1909. It was founded by Otto Kolschowsky an immigrant who settled in the United States. He renamed the company to Otto & Sons in 1928 and moved the business to Chicago. It changed its name to OSI Industries in 1975. The current Chair and Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group is Sheldon Lavin who joined the company when it was still Otto & Sons.
Lavin initially joined the company as a consultant in the 70s, but he was involved in the financing of the business which made him a partner. Within ten years he had already gained 50% control of OSI Industries and full control after another decade. His vision was to grow the company into a multinational meat processor company. More than forty years later, the company is in seventeen countries and more than 70 facilities in the world. These facilities are mainly located in Europe, America, and Asia. Although the company focuses on meat products, it also processes dough and vegetables. Fast food joints Subway, McDonald’s KFC, Pizza Hut, Starbucks and Papa John’s Pizza, are the company’s main customers. In fact, McDonald’s was among its major customers in the 1950s when it was just a small startup. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin Receives Global Visionary Award
The success of OSI Group can be attributed to Sheldon Lavin’s vision for excellence and create a culture of togetherness within the company. The company has received various accolades for exceptional performance in the industry such environmental management and management of health and safety. Sheldon Lavin also believes in creating a sustainable environment for the future generations. In 201, OSI Group was at number 136 on the Forbes list of large companies that are privately owned. Five years (2016) later it was at number 58 on the same list with annual revenue of $6.1 billion. It was at this time that he also received the Global Visionary Award an award that recognized his entrepreneurial efforts for putting OSI Group on the global map. In the same year, OSI Food Solutions received the Globe of Honour an award issued by the British Safety Council.
Sheldon Lavin is President of Sheba Foundation, member of Rush University Medical Center, and Ronald McDonald Charities. Mr. Lavin is a philanthropist who contributes to international charities for different causes. United Negro College Fund, Ronald McDonald House Charities, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, the Inner City Foundation of Chicago, and Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago are just some of the organizations that receive his donations directly. Sheldon Lavin Continues Global Expansion of OSI Group With Commitment To Green Innovations

OSI Group’s Role In The Food Industry

OSI Group values their employees more than anything. They believe that taking care of their employees is vital to sustaining a successful business. After all, if you take care of your employees they’ll always take care of you. Those who seek to work with OSI Group seek to enter an environment filled with rewarding and challenging opportunities and that’s exactly what they get.

OSI Group has been providing quality food products for over a century and it isn’t looking like they’re going to stop anytime soon. They are regarded for their stellar work through their highly talented and innovative workforce. It is vital that they keep hiring the right people to carry on their positive and honorable legacy. This is why OSI Group seeks to hire a diverse set of people from around the globe to accumulate the best talent possible. Every person plays a vital role.


Not only does OSI seek to hire the best, they seek to acquire the best. In 2016, OSI acquired “Baho Food“, a dutch manufacturer of convenience foods, deli meats, and snacks for retail stores. The goal of acquiring other top food companies is for them to broaden their presence and compliment their existing role in the food industry. By acquiring other companies, they better serve their current clientele and expand to a new reach of more customers. The fact that Baho’s original employees remain in their same positions after acquisition serves to tell us that these companies are also filled with talented, top of the line employees. OSI is not looking to take over the food industry, but rather to spread their presence and defining values. It is clear that OSI Group has outstanding relationships with it’s suppliers, customers, and even it’s employees. Baho’s current workers certainly looks forward to working under OSI.

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