Rocketship Education Is Soaring Taking Education Into The Future With Higher Learning Opportunities

Rocketship Education is making some serious moves in the educational world these days. Each and every year that passes, Rocketship continues to spread even faster, opening more schools around the country. Their primary goal is to offer higher-quality education to students around the country without the high-cost of the usual private schools that offer an excellent education. No matter where a student is from or their families financial background, they can be accepted at Rocketship Education schools. This is because of Rocketship Education Founders, Preston Smith and John Danner, both of which dislike the idea of limited access to quality education because of lack of funds.

Families with the money to send their students to good schools are not the only ones that are going to be running the future. All students will be apart of the future that is running not only the country but the entire world. Ensuring students receive a good education and have a foundation for success and leadership is essential for the future of education and people as a whole. This is why Rocketship Education schools go the extra mile when it comes to teaching students, employing the latest methods for teaching alongside the standard curriculum. This means better technologies and individualized learning for students to improve in all aspects without ever falling behind.

Since Rocketship Education first started up in 2006, they have continued opening schools to new regions around the United States. These charter schools served more than 25,000 students in the year 2017, and this number is only going to go up in the near future. Thanks to donations from individuals like Andre Agassi, which owns a Charter School funding program, Rocketship Education’s budget has never been better As of today, Rocketship Education has plans for at least six more charter schools to be opened, going to locations such as Memphis, Washington, New Orleans and more. The impact that Rocketship has on the educational community and families around the country is tremendous and has not been overlooked by the industry. It will be no surprise to see a Rocketship Education charter school in every part of the country within the next decade.