The Gifted Plastic Surgeon, Mark Mofid

Doctor Mark Mofid is a renowned plastic surgeon who received an undergraduate medical degree from Harvard University before joining the Johns Hopkins University for fellowship in advanced craniofacial research, including training in plastic surgery and general surgery. He has a faculty membership with the University of California, Division of Plastic Surgery in San Diego. Mark Mofid has also published for plastic and reconstructive surgery articles and journals on facial and breast cancer. Additionally, he is part of the members having fellowship with the American College of Surgeons and membership with American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Doctor Mark Mofid began a clinic in La Jolla which specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery with dermatology. The clinic has an attached Medicare center providing laser services for them. The dermatological processes are done by his wife who has certification in the field, he provides the plastic surgery and they have a nurse operating full time. According to him, hiring employees to work for his clinic involves a long process which is interviewing people and reading their skills. They also offer two to four year training in the fields to their hired staff and those who agree to it are hired. The clinic has Cutera laser as their cosmetic laser used for removing hair and treating of veins. In facial resurfacing, they perform dermabrasion and also they refer their patients to the laser facility for that which they don’t have.

Over the years, he Mark Mofid has learn to provide services that offer full satisfaction of the client. This has enabled them to widen their market through clients’ referrals. Being a medical practitioner, he has learn not to jump into new technologies which may lead to poor results and expensive treatments to the patient. To him, it is better to stick to safe methods that have been tested and proven to work. In addition, there have been facial rejuvenation patients who prefer fillers that are nonsurgical therefore requiring experts in cosmetic surgery. In conclusion, Mark Mofid advises on thorough background check on any employees to avoid hiring criminals.

Doe Deere’s Look at Morning Routines

For Doe Deere, a morning routine is one of the best ways to start the day and is the only way for her to be able to be successful throughout the day. If she doesn’t wake up right at 8:30, have her glass of water, stretch and eat breakfast, the company may not be able to perform as well as it has been. She doesn’t spend too much time getting ready with her makeup and hair but she does make sure that her morning routine is spent preparing for the day and coming up with ideas that will be helpful for her to make new things with the company and with all of the different things that she is doing. Doe Deere wants to help people and show them that Lime Crime was born from being able to do more with makeup and fun looks and makes sure that her morning routine contributes to that.


When Doe Deere first started out, she was just a beauty blogger. She learned a lot while doing this and got a lot of followers. One problem that she kept running into, though, was that she did not have a lot of options for fun colors and quality makeup. She wanted to change that part of the beauty industry and make things better for everyone who wanted these colors. For this reason, she decided to start Lime Crime. She wanted people to have options that were safe to use and were fun. She didn’t want beiges that would be boring or reds that were overdone. She wanted bright colors.


When Lime Crime was first getting started, Doe Deere started her morning routine. She had always been able to start her mornings out the right way by waking herself up instead of using an alarm clock. She then decided to do it at 8:30 each morning so that she would be able to go into the office at noon and successfully run her business. This gave her time to spend her mornings getting creative and tapping into the energy that she had for new ideas in makeup and other beauty options.


Doe Deere only does a few things with makeup in the morning. First, she brainstorms new products. Then, she gets ready. Doe Deere always starts out with foundation. She either uses MAC or L’Oreal to create a base on her face. Then, she uses her own makeup line for the rest of her face. She is currently working on a foundation for Lime Crime that is able to suit the needs of hundreds of different shades of skin. She is hoping it will be out soon and that people will be able to match the way they want.


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Doe Deere’s Morning Routine

Like a lot of successful entrepreneurs, Doe Deere has her morning routine down to a science. The Lime Crime founder and style superstar always rises at 8:30am, no alarm required. She credits her nine hours of sleep every night for keeping her signature skin crystal-clear. Doe Deere definitely describes herself as a morning person, a time when she tries to step away from digital distractions and focus on the creative process.

The first thing she does when she wakes up is drink a full glass of water to stay hydrated in the dry Los Angeles climate. Then she stretches to get her body nice and loose, before sitting down to a healthy breakfast of grits and fresh squeezed orange juice from her orange tree.

Her phone’s calendar gives her an update on the day’s activities, and she stays in touch with the office team through an internal chat feature, but otherwise tries to keep her mornings free of digital distractions because, as she says, email can always be read later in the day. Mornings are for dreaming up new products. However, she does listen to music while putting on her make-up, with bands like the Beetles a longtime favorite.

The make-up routine can last anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour, depending on how the rest of the day is going to go. It begins with a moisturizer, followed by a foundation like L’Oreal’s or MAC’s, but she’s spending time dreaming up a new Lime Crime foundation too. She sets the makeup with powder, then fills in her brows, before doing her lips and cheeks. Her favorite steps are the blush and lipstick to add color to her face. For Doe Deere, the morning make-up routine is one of the most freeing and self-affirming times of day. She loves the “rustic,” “red velvet” and “pink velvet” from Lime Crime’s ‘Matte Velveine’ range.

Doe Deere showers at night, so her signature purple hair is dry and ready to be styled each morning with a curling wand to create the shiny waves she’s become known for.

Once that routine is complete, it is time for Doe Deere to play with her cats. Puffy Fluffles and Chester von Battingham are the fluffy Persian kings of her household, who are petted and kissed over and over each morning. Finally, her morning ends and she goes into the office around noon.


Doing Time with Lime Crime and Doe Deere

The founder and CEO of the Los Angeles cosmetics company Lime Crime, Doe Deere, has been creating makeup since 2008. The on-line cosmetics company is synonymous with unicorns, sparkles, and self-expression at its most fabulous.

Deere’s story began in Russia where she was born and bred until the age of 17. During school, Deere would sell temporary tattoos to classmates by wearing her designs and essentially cementing her status as a creative powerhouse at the young age of 13. At 17, Deere left for New York City where she had ambitions of becoming a musician.

Being a musician helped Deere with marketing and she learned not to take your audience for granted. It is with this same mindset that she treats her employees, vendors and customers. It was also this attitude that led Deere towards being an entrepreneur where her creative outlet moved from music to makeup.

The President of Lime Crime is Deere’s husband, Mark, with whom she was in a band during her New York years. According to Deere, he is the biggest influence and feels lucky to have him by her side not only as her spouse but as a business partner as well.

Deere had been named one of Self Magazine’s Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs, standing along the likes of Suze Orman and Arianna Huffington. She hopes to be a role model for other female business owners. Devotees to Lime Crime have been deemed unicorns by the self-professed Queen Unicorn herself, saying that, “I make makeup for girls and boys like me, who express themselves unapologetically. Lime Crime is freedom to be you!”

The Lime Crime line has a makeup offering for the face with a product called Hi-Lite. It is a highlighter palette in opalescent coloring in pink, gold and peach. For a super quick manicure, look to Lime Crime’s Pop On Nails, which tout a complete look in 10 minutes. Pop On Nails come in six color options, all offering that sparkling, opalescent, mermaid-like appearance. When it comes to the windows of your soul, look to Lime Crime’s two eyeshadow palettes, aptly named Venus and Venus II.

Beyond all the cosmetic products, one could argue that the one thing Lime Crime is known for is their lipsticks. With numerous colors, the lipsticks called Velvetines, come in both matte and metallic. Perlees lipstick has a soft dusty pearl presence with a slight shimmer. Unicorn Lipstick is matte cream lipstick loaded with pigment. The Diamond Crushers lipstick toppers offer an almost crushed pave diamond prism look and they play well with others. For a complete lip look, combine one of the lipsticks with the Diamond Crushers for a dramatic effect.

Lime Crime provides a colorful, intense and daring look – much like their fearless leader, Doe Deere.

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