How Jennifer Walden Has Transcended Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery was once a hidden sector of business, but modern-day society has brought this industry out into the open. Lets be honest for a second. Plastic surgery can greatly enhance your natural beauty, and it can dramatically enhance a lack of beauty. This is why plastic surgery is so popular. The United States alone is home to thousand of plastic surgeons, but all aren’t on the same level of experience. You have good plastic surgeons, you have not so good plastic surgeons, and you have great plastic surgeons. Austin, Texas, is home to one of the finest plastic surgeons in the business, and she has made a huge imprint on society.

Jennifer Walden, a Texas-based plastic surgeon, has helped to revolutionize this field of work in more ways than one. She has brought a lot of new things to the industry, and she has brought back old favorites. This native-Texan has accomplished many wonderful things such as being named by Harper’s Bazaar as One of The 24 Best Beauty Surgeons. In addition to that Texas Monthly recognized her as one of the Texas Super Doctors in 2014, and she the runner-up for Austin’s prestigious Woman of The Year. Other accolades that are included are:

  • Being One of Castle Connelly’s Top Doctors in 2016
  • Being One of The First Surgeons To Use Laser Machines For High Volume Vaginoplasties
  • Co-Authored An Award-Winning Book
  • Serves As The Secretary for The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
  • And many more

Dr. Jennifer Walden is the exception to the rule. Unfortunately, most medical professionals aren’t as ambitious as this. The future of this specific industry appears to be mighty bright and with Dr. Walden on the scene, it will continue to rise to new levels.

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The Gifted Plastic Surgeon, Mark Mofid

Doctor Mark Mofid is a renowned plastic surgeon who received an undergraduate medical degree from Harvard University before joining the Johns Hopkins University for fellowship in advanced craniofacial research, including training in plastic surgery and general surgery. He has a faculty membership with the University of California, Division of Plastic Surgery in San Diego. Mark Mofid has also published for plastic and reconstructive surgery articles and journals on facial and breast cancer. Additionally, he is part of the members having fellowship with the American College of Surgeons and membership with American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Doctor Mark Mofid began a clinic in La Jolla which specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery with dermatology. The clinic has an attached Medicare center providing laser services for them. The dermatological processes are done by his wife who has certification in the field, he provides the plastic surgery and they have a nurse operating full time. According to him, hiring employees to work for his clinic involves a long process which is interviewing people and reading their skills. They also offer two to four year training in the fields to their hired staff and those who agree to it are hired. The clinic has Cutera laser as their cosmetic laser used for removing hair and treating of veins. In facial resurfacing, they perform dermabrasion and also they refer their patients to the laser facility for that which they don’t have.

Over the years, he Mark Mofid has learn to provide services that offer full satisfaction of the client. This has enabled them to widen their market through clients’ referrals. Being a medical practitioner, he has learn not to jump into new technologies which may lead to poor results and expensive treatments to the patient. To him, it is better to stick to safe methods that have been tested and proven to work. In addition, there have been facial rejuvenation patients who prefer fillers that are nonsurgical therefore requiring experts in cosmetic surgery. In conclusion, Mark Mofid advises on thorough background check on any employees to avoid hiring criminals.

Why More Patients are Signing Up For Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Services

Dr. Jennifer Walden has transformed the lives of many women in Texas. This is by transforming them into a better version of themselves through their physical appearance. Research shows that the production level of many people is affected by their level of their physical appearance appreciation. This is why Dr. Jennifer Walden advises her patients to go ahead and achieve their desired looks.

Dr. Walden’s patients have left very positive reviews on her website. Some patients say that their results were far much better than what they expected. The patients go ahead and say that they would go back to her facility if they were ever in need of another cosmetic surgery. The other thing that the patients appreciate is the compassionate and friendly staff in her facility. The patients say that from the moment you enter Dr. Walden’s facility, you feel at home.

Dr. Walden listens to her patients attentively and advises them on what’s best for them. To add on that, Dr. Walden carries out a counseling session before and after the surgery. This is because patients who go into the theater contented have an easier time. The patients also heal at a faster rate and more

Her patients have also been impressed by receiving calls from doctors from her facility. The doctors call to check on their recovery process.

Dr. Walden’s patients advice those people who feel the need of cosmetic surgery to go ahead and book an appointment with Dr. Walden. They say that there is nothing to worry about because Dr. Walden does not have room for mistakes.