End Citizens United: Fighting The Undue Influence Present With The Corporate Foundations In Political America

“End Citizens United: Fighting Against “Anything Goes” Campaign Finance” by the writers over at reporterexpert.com covers the interesting events that surround a recent decision in favor of the small, conservatively-based group Citizens United. Back in 2010, the group went to the Supreme Court over an ad that they released featuring political candidate Hillary Clinton in what can only be dubbed as a feature-length movie attacking the candidate. Upon viewing the movie, the Federal Election Commission demanded that Citizens United disclose their funding sources and preventing them from airing the movie. As a corporation, they were not permitted to air the movie and were even prohibited from creating the communication within so many days of the upcoming election. They immediately took the court’s ruling all the way up to the Supreme Court where they were granted the same freedom of speech rights as normal everyday citizens were.

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For some citizens it seems cut and dry, they wanted to air a movie and they sought the avenues that were available to them in order to air it. End Citizens United saw the long-term implications of such a decision. By extending those same rights to the corporation they also extended the rights of corporations to contribute an anonymously to a candidate’s campaign without a cap to the amount of money that they are able to donate. This means that they can operate with almost 0 checks and balances. It is not only terrifying for the individuals over at End Citizens United but should be something that all citizens worry about when it comes to corporate influence over their local political candidates.

Nowadays, End Citizens United works on securing funding for those candidates that have gone on the record as saying that they do not support this measure or are unwilling to take corporate funding because of this measure. Since these individuals are not taking this funding that puts them at a severe disadvantage when compared to their opponents that may take the funding. This organization helps make the money necessary to help run a campaign and keep these candidates in the race. During their first cycle, they were able to secure more than $25 million to help their candidates all over the nation. This showed that while the corporate thread is still looking for many individuals, organizations such as End Citizens United will continue to push for the Supreme Court to overturn this amount of undue influence.

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Democratic Senator Scores Endorsement From Campaign Finance Reform Group End Citizens United

Running a successful politician campaign can be a very expensive endeavor for a politician who is either seeking to win their very first election or who is seeking to be re-elected. There are many components to a successful political campaign such as having a well organized corps of volunteers who are being strategically deployed to knock on doors on behalf of a candidate or make phone calls to potential supporters to help the candidate achieve their goal of winning their election. A strong campaign must also be buffered by the insight and skill of a competent campaign strategist who is able to bring together all of the disparate elements of the campaign operation in such a way that a candidate is able to resonate with voters and receive enough votes to either be competitive in a primary or a final election.

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It should go without saying that paying a top notch campaign manager and a team that will be capable of executing their vision costs a lot of money. A campaign must be able to raise enough funds to pay full-time staff and to be able to cover the costs of running campaign ads on local television, radio, social media and in newspapers and magazines. That said given the exorbitant costs that are associated with running political campaigns it makes sense for a candidate to want to have the ability to seek out as much money as they possibly can. However the unfortunate thing about this line of thinking is that much of the money that is injected into the process of political fundraising can come with strings attached to it. Because of lax campaign finance reform laws that were weakened by the infamous Supreme Court case Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission players such as labor unions and large corporations have now been able to spend an unrestricted amount of money in political races. Because of the Citizens United case these entities have been able to throw around their influence in a way that the average constituent cannot by enticing candidates who are running expensive campaigns.

That said candidates who choose to opt out of the cycle of accepting money from Super PACs are taking a risk. Recently Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York announced that she would no longer be taking campaign funds from corporate political action committees. By refusing to take campaign dollars from the coffers of corporate political action committees Senator Kirsten Gillibrand was able to receive the endorsement of End Citizens United, a group that seeks to reverse the impact of the Citizens United case. End Citizens United has been seeking to promote integrity in the political fundraising process. End Citizens United lauded Kirsten Gillibrand for her decision.

Learn more about End Citizens United: https://www.fec.gov/data/committee/C00573261/