My Kingdom For A Trabuco

Imagine that you are a medieval king who had a strong army. Now imagine that you had to take a walled fortress where enemy forces were stationed. Trying to topple an impregnable fortress would cost you lots of men and resources. However, if you had a trabuco, you could easily destroy that fortress with little loss of life and precious resources.

Once the trabuco became available, kings and ruling military figures from the past, needed to add these weapons to their arsenal. The trabuco had the ability to hurl large stones and objects at their enemies. One of the best reasons for using a trabuco is its long range attack power.

Trabuco are massive weapons could literally fling large stones and other types of debris onto a stronghold from miles away. This gave generals a huge advantage when attacking enemy positions. People in the ancient days had no real way of protecting themselves from the powerful attacks initiated by these weapons.


Trabucos were not cheap. Kings had to pay people to make them and to learn how to use them on the battlefield. Soldiers who operated these machines were considered specialists according to They were usually highly trained and effective fighters on the battlefield in the art of siege warfare. These special-forces soldiers were experts at transporting, setting up, operating and tearing down the trabuco.

Kings had to make sure that there were always someone in their army who could operate these machines. Rulers that had use of the trabuco could easily dispatch enemy forces and could defend their lands and people. The trabuco was especially fearful to the people who saw these great slings in action. A king with enough trabucos could easily control small villages and lords and nobles estates. Kings with good military knowledge and lots of common sense would definitely have at least one trabuco in their cache of armaments.

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