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The Contour Design video and Campaign Results paragraph was a quick and informative way of putting the product in front of it’s intended target demographic. The video itself was precise, as in timing. The video not only provided the facts about the two models of Contour keyboards but, also included some very relevant corresponding information regarding the pain caused ergonomically incorrect keyboards. Doing this with a quick, rhythmic pace holds the viewers attention. This leaves them feeling like they’ve learned something as well as being interested in purchasing one of the keyboards. If not only for convenience but for the health benefits it will provide. The video also explains that small benefits lead to big improvements in the work place.
In addition, a few words about NewsWatch TV. When it comes to the frontier of tech products, health and social media, NewsWatch TV is quickly becoming a leading source of unbiased information. The review videos hold the target audience’s attention with real world, real time facts presented by real people. With a constant array of new and interesting topics you will find yourself in watch and learn mode for hours.
It’s not all business at NewsWatch TV. Learning about new tech and health issues can be boring and frankly matter-of-fact. Not with these guys. They draw you into the story unfolding on video by explaining topics and trying products in an easy to follow and understand format. Take all that and add a sprinkling of places to go, activities to try and bites to eat and that makes up NewsWatch TV.

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery & The Dallas Way of Life

Brazilian butt lifts are all the rage these days. A very high percentage of women have opted for this exclusive medical procedure and a very high percentage of women are satisfied with the results. The Brazilian butt lift is similar to a work-of-art. It is a custom-medical procedure that fits the individual’s needs. Unlike the traditional butt lift treatment, the Brazilian butt lift is less invasive. Two tiny incisions will be used to inflate the buttocks. The inflation comes from your very own fatty tissue. This fatty tissue can come from your thighs, from your hips, or from your stomach.

Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

Yes, anesthesia will be used during this process and the procedure should take from anywhere under two hours. Your surgeon will advise you on a number of healing techniques and for how to take care of your body. A compression sleeve is mandatory for healing and you should definitely take it easy for about three weeks. During the healing process, you’ll surely experience some swelling and bruising on your backside. Since pain can be an issue, some surgeons will include pain medications with the actual treatment. On the other hand, some surgeons will require that the patient should seek pain medication via prescriptions or over-the-counter medicines. By the fourth week, you’ll need to schedule regular appointments with your surgeon in which you’ll be examined and monitored. Functions such as walking or doing light squats can aide the body with a fresh blood supply. This fresh blood supply will keep the blood in that specific area from clotting.


Once you’ve fully healed, you can begin to sport your brand new bum with confidence. It’s not like you’ve went out and bought something that’s foreign and stuck it into your body. Your firm, sexy bum will be made-up of your very own fatty tissue that came from other areas on your body.

Malcolm CasSelle is Ready to Take Cryptocurrency’s Next Step

Malcom CasSelle began following the trend of technology advancement in 1995. A graduate of Stanford with a degree in computer science he co-founded NetNoir, the first media production websites for Afrocentric culture. The business gained the attention of AOL’s Greenhouse program, becoming the first exterior business to receive an investment by AOL.


In 1998 CasSelle became senior vice president for a telco service provider called Cyberworks. In 2006 he advanced to director or Capitol Union Investments, which dealt in late stage web companies. He became part of the gaming market in 2012, acting as CEO for a global social network for gamers called Xfire. In 2013 he became CEO of MediaPass, and extended his knowledge of the market to paywall solutions for online revenue. This would be the first time he dealt in digital content.


Prior to Bitcoin and the rise of cryptocurrency, the gaming market began dealing in virtual assets. Downloadable content that added to a core video game. Such content was in the form of weapons, costumes, even extra levels and missions. The rise of the smartphone led to many pay as you play games, operating in their own forms of digital currency used to purchase in-game assets. At present though no gamer can receive a return of investment. The currency delegates to the game of its origin. Cryptocurrency is now set to change that, and Malcolm CasSelle is in the pilot seat.


At present CasSelle is the CIO for OPSkins, a world leader in in-game assets sales. OPSkins is also the largest bitcoin merchant globally. CasSelle was an early investor in bitcoin, and his understanding of the market has led to the creation of WAX. WAX, or Worldwide Asset eXchange, is a P2P market designed to allow players to trade and sell digital assets. For the first time gamers will be able to achieve a return of investment. Many have said that all the gaming market needs is one company to take a leap. Well, Malcom CasSelle just dove out of the plane. Time we show how many companies will follow.


Adam Milstein: Helping the Jewish Community

Adam Milstein is an American real estate managing director who is known for his services for the Jewish People. He was born from South American parents who immigrated to Israel shortly after its formation. His father has a real estate and development business, and during his younger years, Adam Milstein decided to take a course that could help him with their business. After graduating, he helped his father in managing their real estate business, and he is instrumental in making it successful. He would later ask his mother and his father for their permission for him to live in the United States, along with his wife.

Adam Milstein and Gila Milstein would start a new life in the United States, and Adam Milstein would have a hard time in looking for a job overseas. He would have to compete with other employees to get the job that he wanted, but most of the time, he ends up with nothing. He would later become lucky, and he will be able to secure a job as a sales agent. He would be doing it for years until he realized that doing a job related to being a sales agent is boring. He would later go around the American roads, being amazed as to how they designed more of their cities.

As he grew older, Mr. Milstein realized the importance of family and health. He would later focus on being an agent, and sometimes, he would be working around with his wife, as they prefer some items that will be given to the Jewish people who are living in unfavorable conditions, especially in the United States. He and his wife are doing philanthropic works by helping poor Jewish families to send their children to school. They are taking in several Jewish students to become their foundation scholar, and they are also sponsoring everything that they will need. Adam Milstein is also providing books to Jewish families, with the hopes of them reading all of it to expand their knowledge and learn more about the world around them. Adam Milstein is dedicated to transforming the lives of the Jewish youth. click here

Fabletics is Changing the Game

Any company that wants to get into the e-commerce realm knows they have a tough competitor with Amazon. Currently controlling about 20% of the market, Amazon has found a system that works and others have to work to keep up. Fabletics is a new company, beginning in October of 2013, and took Amazon on with no fear.


Fabletics has been in business for just over three years. The company was started by co-CEOs Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. The idea for Fabletics was a simple one. Don Ressler and his wife often wear athletic clothing. They noticed that the clothes all looked the same and had no style. The good quality clothing was very expensive but still looked like all the rest. Mr. Ressler sought to change this. Kate Hudson was also brought in as the face of the company.


The mission behind Fabletics is to provide good quality clothing that is up to date with the current trends. These would be for sale at a reasonable price most people could afford. The clothes are meant to be inspiring and make people want to work out in them. This fit Kate Hudson completely. She loved the idea and the look of the clothes and got to work.


In the beginning, Fabletics was done entirely online. Everything for sale was showcased and sold from the online store. After the first purchase, customers were given the chance to become VIP members. Being a VIP came with a lot of perks. Customers were given free shipping, discounts on complete outfits, and personalized items just for them. There are even quizzes the can be taken to see what outfits fit you and your personality best.


With the online store and the VIP membership, Fabletics was able to get to know their customers well. They were also able to track where their customers were. This helped immensely when Fabletics decided to branch out in 2015 and open brick-and-mortar stores.


Fabletics is staying true to its online roots, but they are slowly opening more and more stores around the United States and the world. Each store is different and unique. Fabletics looks at the preferences of its local communities and the VIPs there. The store is then stocked based on those findings.


When Fabletics came onto the market, they did things their way. There online first, local stores second approach was backwards from most others, but Fabletics has seen huge success with this approach. There may be competition out there, but Fabletics is attacking it head on.

The Brown Modeling Agency in Central Texas

In Central Texas, there was a huge change to where models and people with talent can go to pursue their dreams. Wilhelmina Austin decided to acquire Heyman Talent-South and recreated it as The Brown Agency. Located in the Austin area, this agency is the only full service business in Texas. The strengths and capabilities are seen here as a result of Wilhemina Austin’s purchase. This company has without a doubt the ability to produce some of the world best models and talent.


Although The Brown Agency is headquartered in Austin, there is a location in Dallas and Los Angeles. These were very strategic moves to find people who have dreams that want to work hard and pursue them. Justin Brown is not only the CEO but also President of the agency. Micheal B. Bonnee has offered his knowledge to this business. He is the founder of Heyman Talent-South. Merging both of these agencies has brought about a lot of results on a much larger scale. Just think of all of the professional talents this merger has produced. This company has accomplished being the best in the business and getting their name out there. The theatrical division is the part that Micheal B. Bonnee is responsible for. He could never be more proud that he is now for joining The Brown Agency family. Producing a huge amount of talent has definitely given them a place in the modeling world. The merger was widely celebrated in December of 2015. Although the merger had an expensive price tag, no financial details were ever made public. Check out their website



If you look at some of the Toyota, Dell, Louis Vuitton, and L’Oreal, you can clearly see the professional talent they put out. Also, The Brown Agency has models that have walked the runways of New York, Dallas and Austin Fashion Week. You can also catch them at Miami Swim Week. There are other companies that use their models. Thanks to that merger, The Brown Agency has put out more talent than any other agency in the United States. Of course, their models range in all ages. Currently, there are over 450 different talents that have signed with this company.


Justin Brown believes in doing things his own way for the agency. Things have worked out well as a result. Keeping his promises to his models have always been a top priority. Being that he was once a model himself, it helps in the training of future talent. They can understand what challenges might throwed at them and how to overcome it. If you are looking to pursue your dreams in modeling, head to Austin, Texas and join The Brown Agency. They will help you with your dream.