The Life of Dr. Mark McKenna

After working in the medical aesthetics for more than a decade, Mark McKenna got the idea of starting up OVME. The company experienced tremendous growth and became recognized as one of the largest businesses in the nation. He previously had a business that he opted to sell to a publicly held company. Dr. Mark McKenna is a certified Medical doctor who has received relevant license to practice Surgery by Both the Georgia and the Florida State Board of Medical Examiners. One thing that distinguishes him from other doctors is the passion he has for his patients. He is dedicated to serving to the best of his ability.

Dr. Mark McKenna hails from New Orleans, La. He was brought up by a father who practiced medicine. He enrolled in Tulane University Medical School and on graduating began his medical career at his father’s firm and at the same time opened a real estate development company known as McKenna Venture Investments. The real estate business did so well. He would later acquire two companies namely Uptown Title international and Universal Mortgage Lending. Out of the good management from Mark McKenna, the companies’ portfolio grew significantly. It provided job opportunity to more than 50 individuals and offered finance, real estate as well as design-build finance.

When a Hurricane Katrina destroyed the city of New Orleans in the year 2005, most of McKenna’s business went down to drain. After the storm, he began redeveloping low to moderate income houses in the attempt to rebuild the city. Two years later, Mr. McKenna relocated to Atlanta Georgia and officially launched a wellness aesthetic medical firm known as ShapeMed. He sold this enterprise in the year 2014 to Life Time Fitness International. He began offering his medical services to Life Time Fitness International up to 2016. One year later, Mark McKenna resolved to start OVME, an aesthetic company that uses technology. He sits as the chief executive officer of this fine company. Mark McKenna appreciates working together with others. He is an active member of Entrepreneurs Organization. Mark McKenna is a family man. He is married to Gianine McKenna, and together they have two adorable children.

Betsy DeVos’ Accomplishments in Business and Leadership

Betsy DeVos is a hard working businesswoman and philanthropist who has committed herself to the supporting communities across the United States. She has been involved in politics and is also a top education activist. Mrs. DeVos has held campaigns in more than 25 states to advocate for charter schools, schools vouchers, and school of choice to ensure that children get an education that can brighten their future. Betsy has been working on her charity work with Dick DeVos who is her husband. In 1989, they established an organization that is known as the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation to support the people of Michigan and the rest of the country. The DeVos family owns Amway and Orlando Magic basketball club. In 2016, they were acknowledged by the Forbes Magazine, which ranked them as the United States’ 88th richest family.


Mrs. DeVos has put a lot of efforts to ensure that the Detroit charter school system is successful. Her campaigns have enabled thousands of children to access high-quality education in different parts of the country. Betsy has made significant contributions to the Foundation for Excellence in Education, which she currently serves. She was in the administration team of the All Children Matter PAC, Acton Institute, and of Alliance for School Choice. The philanthropist also volunteered to support the Grand Rapids Public Schools. Her family has made significant donations to the Success Academy Charter Schools to ensure that children from low-income families get an opportunity to study.


Apart from being a renowned philanthropist, Betsy has been participating in political activities since the early 1980s. She has served as a Michigan Republican Party member as from 1982 and was elected as a delegate in 1986. Mrs. DeVos’ outstanding work at the party enabled her to be appointed as a member of the Republican National Committee’s Michigan division. She later won the Michigan Republican Party’s chairperson election and held the office as from 1996 to 2000. Betsy has been assisting the Michigan Republican Party in raising funds to support campaigns and other activities. In 2004, she was on the frontline during President Bush’s campaign fund raiser, and her team gave over $150,000. The party has received over $17 million from her husband’s family in the past three decades.


Mrs. DeVos has also established a successful career as a businessperson. She currently acts as the Windquest Groups co-chairperson. The company was founded by her husband, and it has specialized in dealing with clean energy, technology, and manufacturing. The couple is among the leading shareholders of Neurocorea, which is a company that has invented excellent therapies for anxiety, autism, and depression. Mr. and Mrs. DeVos made great contributions towards the establishment of the West Michigan Aviation College.


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How To Host An Event That Will Be Memorable

If you decided to plan your own party instead of paying someone else to do it there are ways to make it stress-free. The first step is to get organized by writing down everything you need to do on a master plan where everything can be broken down into its discrete portions. This will make it much more of a breeze to plan the party and not miss any of the details.

One idea that can make your party more memorable for you and your guests is to create a theme for it. You can have something like one based on the book Great Gatsby, for example, that include lawn croquet and other 1920’s inspired ideas. It’s also a good idea to have one main alcoholic drink that fits into your them.

Keeping appetizers simple is a good way of giving guests a variety of different food to sample and letting them pick out what they will enjoy. Serving food this way also gives your guests more opportunities to mingle and have conversations with a variety of different people.

Another idea that parents at your event will enjoy, as well as other guests, is a kid’s table where the children can all congregate. You can set up crayons and other activities at this table which will keep them happily occupied.

For those that do want to hire event planners for their party, one of the event planning companies in NYC that many people recommend is Twenty Three Layers. They are a full-service based firm that specializes in creating great events for their guests, both private and corporate. Their experience at planning and coordinating an event makes it a worry-free experience for their clients every time.

As one of the large corporate event planners in NYC, the team at Twenty Three Layers has been trusted by many large firms holding these events in and around the city. They can provide everything from catering to branding your event as well as photography and entertainment. Choosing a place to hold your event can also be a challenge, however, at Twenty Three Layers they are familiar with most of the venue selections available and can help with that selection as well.

Aloha Construction Expects Normalcy to Resume in the Construction Sector

Many factors affect the economy of a country including politics. The US held its presidential election on November 8, 2016, and to date, some sectors of the economy such as the construction industry are still recovering. The US construction industry valued at $76.4 billion created 18000 jobs each month before the elections, but the sector dwindled after the elections creating less than 6000 jobs each month. In addition, some leading companies in the construction industry such as Aloha Construction have reported that the amount of construction work they receive has been below par. However, Aloha Construction is optimistic that normalcy will resume.

The economic downturn has been felt by all industries that rely on the construction sector. Many industries including manufacturing and financial service industries have shown a high dependence on the construction industry. When there is a slowdown in the construction sector, manufacturers of building materials and providers of financial services such as mortgages experience a decline in business. For instance, during the downturn, Aloha Construction—roofing specialists—purchased less roofing materials from roofing material manufacturers. In turn, it was unnecessary for the company to access loans from banks to finance the purchase of roofing materials.

Although Aloha Construction is renowned in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin for its exemplary roofing and roof repair services, the company provides other construction services such as guttering, siding, and door and window replacement services. The company is based in the Lake Zurich and Bloomington area with offices in these two areas to increase their accessibility to customers.Construction and home repair operations draw different types of emotions from humans and pets. While people can cope with construction activities, Aloha Construction indicates that construction services endanger pets. While noise and new people may stress a pet, dangerous fumes, construction equipment, and paint may harm or kill a pet. However, Aloha Construction is known for its due diligence with pets.

Julia Jackson: The Youngest Daughter With A Big Passion

Julia JacksonJulia Jackson, who has shared a passion for wine since she was a child, is now working hard to introduce her family’s wine to new partakers all over the world. Julia works with a non-profit organization that seeks to empower women. Julia Jackson attended Scripps College in 2010. Carmel Road Monterey is a brand of wine sold by Jackson Family Wines. In this article, you will find information on Julia Jackson and her individual success in her family’s business.Cambria Estates Winery is a non-profit organization geared towards empowering women. Julia Jackson joined Cambria Estates Winery as a spokesperson. Julia is co-founder of the organization alongside Cambria Proprietors and Katherine Jackson. The institution pledged $100,000 in 2014 to congratulate women in the society.

Julia Jackson attended Scripps College from 2006 to 2010. She also attended Stanford Graduate School of Business in the year of 2010. Julia has marketing, PR, and is working strengthening her sales skills. This will allow her toJulia Jackson learn more about global market and how to continue to be helpful to her family’s business.Carmel Road Monterey was founded in California in the year 1997. Kris Kato, who attended Oregon State University, is the original winemaker. He focuses on making Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. The Panorama Vineyard in California is the primary source of fruit for Carmel Road wine. Carmel Road offers a wide variety of wine with reasonable pricing.All in all, Julia Jackson is doing a great job at continue her family’s success in the wine industry. She has submerged herself in the international side of business and strives to learn more about sales. Julia will also be involved with the Kendall-Jackson blog as the KJ brand spokesperson.