How To Succeed As A Wine Guide Through Traveling Vineyard

Being a wine guide for the Traveling Vineyard can be a very exciting opportunity to make some serious cash. There are all kinds of different people who think that this business is an overnight success path. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. There is definitely a learning curve, and the key is to make sure that you know what is up. The Traveling Vineyard is a hardworking company that surely does their best in order to guide you, but these tips will help you move forward.

Succeeding as a wine guide is all about knowing the ins and outs of the company. The better you know about the Traveling Vineyard and what they stand for, alongside the kinds of drinks they have you will better be able to talk about the brand. Learning about all of their flavors and drink options is going to improve your overall knowledge of the company. Knowing a bit of their history shouldn’t be too bad for you either.

Wine guides must strive to have as many events as they can. When you have more wine tasting parties going on, it can open the door to making more money and really getting yourself out there in terms of growing your sales skills. Wine guides are definitely among those who really need to push themselves in order to make direct sales, but there’s not to say that this is a definitely freeing job position since there is so much flexibility.

It’s recommended to remember that selling is not focused on just the times you are in a wine tasting event. You can be selling to just about anybody with anyone in any place. The key is to position yourself not as a seller but as a friend making a recommendation and actually having the solution to their problem.

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Doe Deere’s Look at Morning Routines

For Doe Deere, a morning routine is one of the best ways to start the day and is the only way for her to be able to be successful throughout the day. If she doesn’t wake up right at 8:30, have her glass of water, stretch and eat breakfast, the company may not be able to perform as well as it has been. She doesn’t spend too much time getting ready with her makeup and hair but she does make sure that her morning routine is spent preparing for the day and coming up with ideas that will be helpful for her to make new things with the company and with all of the different things that she is doing. Doe Deere wants to help people and show them that Lime Crime was born from being able to do more with makeup and fun looks and makes sure that her morning routine contributes to that.


When Doe Deere first started out, she was just a beauty blogger. She learned a lot while doing this and got a lot of followers. One problem that she kept running into, though, was that she did not have a lot of options for fun colors and quality makeup. She wanted to change that part of the beauty industry and make things better for everyone who wanted these colors. For this reason, she decided to start Lime Crime. She wanted people to have options that were safe to use and were fun. She didn’t want beiges that would be boring or reds that were overdone. She wanted bright colors.


When Lime Crime was first getting started, Doe Deere started her morning routine. She had always been able to start her mornings out the right way by waking herself up instead of using an alarm clock. She then decided to do it at 8:30 each morning so that she would be able to go into the office at noon and successfully run her business. This gave her time to spend her mornings getting creative and tapping into the energy that she had for new ideas in makeup and other beauty options.


Doe Deere only does a few things with makeup in the morning. First, she brainstorms new products. Then, she gets ready. Doe Deere always starts out with foundation. She either uses MAC or L’Oreal to create a base on her face. Then, she uses her own makeup line for the rest of her face. She is currently working on a foundation for Lime Crime that is able to suit the needs of hundreds of different shades of skin. She is hoping it will be out soon and that people will be able to match the way they want.


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