Doing Time with Lime Crime and Doe Deere

The founder and CEO of the Los Angeles cosmetics company Lime Crime, Doe Deere, has been creating makeup since 2008. The on-line cosmetics company is synonymous with unicorns, sparkles, and self-expression at its most fabulous.



Deere’s story began in Russia where she was born and bred until the age of 17. During school, Deere would sell temporary tattoos to classmates by wearing her designs and essentially cementing her status as a creative powerhouse at the young age of 13. At 17, Deere left for New York City where she had ambitions of becoming a musician.



Being a musician helped Deere with marketing and she learned not to take your audience for granted. It is with this same mindset that she treats her employees, vendors and customers. It was also this attitude that led Deere towards being an entrepreneur where her creative outlet moved from music to makeup.



The President of Lime Crime is Deere’s husband, Mark, with whom she was in a band during her New York years. According to Deere, he is the biggest influence and feels lucky to have him by her side not only as her spouse but as a business partner as well.



Deere had been named one of Self Magazine’s Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs, standing along the likes of Suze Orman and Arianna Huffington. She hopes to be a role model for other female business owners. Devotees to Lime Crime have been deemed unicorns by the self-professed Queen Unicorn herself, saying that, “I make makeup for girls and boys like me, who express themselves unapologetically. Lime Crime is freedom to be you!”



The Lime Crime line has a makeup offering for the face with a product called Hi-Lite. It is a highlighter palette in opalescent coloring in pink, gold and peach. For a super quick manicure, look to Lime Crime’s Pop On Nails, which tout a complete look in 10 minutes. Pop On Nails come in six color options, all offering that sparkling, opalescent, mermaid-like appearance. When it comes to the windows of your soul, look to Lime Crime’s two eyeshadow palettes, aptly named Venus and Venus II.



Beyond all the cosmetic products, one could argue that the one thing Lime Crime is known for is their lipsticks. With numerous colors, the lipsticks called Velvetines, come in both matte and metallic. Perlees lipstick has a soft dusty pearl presence with a slight shimmer. Unicorn Lipstick is matte cream lipstick loaded with pigment. The Diamond Crushers lipstick toppers offer an almost crushed pave diamond prism look and they play well with others. For a complete lip look, combine one of the lipsticks with the Diamond Crushers for a dramatic effect.



Lime Crime provides a colorful, intense and daring look – much like their fearless leader, Doe Deere.


For updates, follow Doe Deere on Twitter.


Jason Hope Describes Where He Sees The Internet Of Things Going In The Future

Jason Hope is an investor and business consultant who closely follows technology trends.

He is the founder of Jason Hope Business Consulting that is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Mr. Hope has graduated from Arizona State University with a bachelors degree in finance and a masters degree in business administration. Below is Jason Hope’s stance on the future of the internet of things.

The internet of things holds much promise according to Jason Hope. It currently connects some of our smart devices to things such as video cameras at home so that we can check on our pets while we our away. Some other examples of the internet of things includes being able to lock our doors and garages as well as activate any security alarms from a remote location via a smartphone. Smart TV’s that stream content from the internet are yet another example of the internet of things at work for our convenience, security and pleasure.

So where is the internet of things headed these days? Jason Hope believes that more and more devices will become connected in the future. For example, Jason sees the potential of the internet of things to appear in kitchen appliances where you can turn on and off the stove and microwave. Another thing that the internet of things could impact is our cars and utilities such as street lamps. A street connected to the internet has the possibility of only turning on when there is someone within a certain range. This will provide savings to utility companies, by not having street lamps on when there is nobody around.

U.S. Money Reserve’s New Website Design

Based in Austin, Texas, the U.S. Money Reserve is the largest private distributor of gold, silver and platinum legal tender. Ryan Buchanan, the VP of Brand and Creative oversaw the creation of a new online presence which clearly solidifies their ranking in the industry and serves the full needs of their discerning clients. The new website places U.S. Money Reserve at the head of the class for its product selection, its unparalleled service and education of the consumer. The ultimate goal is to make purchasing bullion from the number one distributor a much easier process.


Owning a successful collection of government-issued bullion starts with a good general education about precious metals. Features were added to include these new information areas, the Knowledge Center and The Full Headline Gold News Room. The Knowledge Center focuses on educating consumers about precious metals and the terms used in bringing them to market, grading, coin minting and purchasing. The Full Headline Gold News Room follows the most recent developments in the precious metals market.


In updating their website, the U.S. Money Reserve added to their ever expanding secure online shop, which offers gold and silver bullion and bars as well as Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) certified coins and other precious metals. Adding new photos of the U.S. Money Reserve’s gallery shines an even brighter light on the in-house stock available for purchase.


The services that are given to every U.S. Money Reserve include the offer of a complimentary gold information kit and unlimited access to a well trained team of coin research and numismatic professionals. Consequently, the U.S. Money Reserve always carries a full stock of a wide variety of U.S. and foreign government-issued legal tender. To insure the consumer feels comfortable buying from the U.S. Money Reserve, an iron-clad buyback guarantee is included with all its certified coins. Any purchaser is refunded in full within 30 days at the current market value. The consumer is also protected by the super fast insured shipping. U.S. Money Reserve’s consumer services also include a special communications feature called the Client-Connect Advantage. The Client-Connect Advantage allows one-on-one consultations and offline purchases with professional assistance.


All these enhancements will make the process of selecting and purchasing legal tender less complicated for the consumer. The U.S. Money Reserve’s dedication to education and authentication of its product will also increase its positive perception among consumers. The website’s well-planned new look is successfully addressing every imaginable need of the consumer.

Bob Reina Is Talking Talk To The Next Level

Bob Reina is proving that when it comes to talk, it is anything but cheap. It means a lot. When people talk, great things occur and great things happen. Doors are opened up for people and their life can be changed. It all starts with communication.

If people do not understand each other or where someone is coming from, it can be hard for change to occur. That is why Bob Reina created and founded Talk Fusion back in 2007. He knew the world needed to better communicate with itself and have a better sense of what someone was saying.

When misunderstandings happen, most of the time they are because of a lack of a communication and a lack of understanding. With Talk Fusion’s video newsletters, video emails, video chats, and video conferences, that is never going to happen again.

It is all about reaching out to other people and letting them know how someone truly feels about something in a respectful but powerful way. People respect the truth.

It might be hard to hear at first, but they know it is for the best. They know it makes themselves better and it makes the world a better place. Everyone wins when that happens.

Everyone also wins when they are best versions of themselves. They don’t have to pretend and they don’t have to hide. Talk Fusion also gives people to chance to live the ultimate dream, which is working from home. After all, as the expression goes, home is where the heart is, and people feel most comfortable and most at ease at home.

They can be themselves and run their business however they see fit. They don’t have to worry about a boss yelling at them or being under stress. They can even work in their PJs.

Even though they are busy working on their company and making it the best it can be, it still allows for valuable time with the family, which is something that no one can put a price tag on when it’s all said and done. Talk is important and so is family, and that all happens with Talk Fusion.

Bruce Levenson to Come Out on Top

Bruce Levenson has led an interesting life. He grew up in the northern suburbs of Washington D.C. He moved from there after high school to attend Washington University in St. Louis. After obtaining his bachelor’s degree in Politics he went on to get his law degree from American University. While attending American University, he started working as a journalist for the Washington Star.

In 1977, he and Ed Peskowitz decided to start their own paper that focused on developments in the oil industry. The United Communications Group was the name of the company and it began above Levenson’s father’s liquor store. As time went on they began obtaining other newsletters and started their own database. Both Levenson and Peskowitz have become members of the board for the company that they founded. This company still focuses on information but not just for the oil industry, now they have focuses in health, energy, mortgage banking, and technology among other industries.

He and Peskowitz bought the Atlanta Hawks LLC in 2004. At the time this meant that the two, along with a group of shareholders, owned the Atlanta Hawks basketball team, their stadium, and the Atlanta Thrashers Hockey team. Seven years after acquiring the two teams, the Thrashers were sold. Levenson felt it was important to focus on the basketball team and decided to become a member of the NBA Board of Governors. In 2014, the two sold the Hawks.

During their time as owners former general manager Danny Ferry had some misgivings with the organizations insurance company, causing the Company to begin pursuing a settlement against New Hampshire Insurance Company AIG. The claim is that there was a breach of contract involving protection of Wrongful Acts of Termination. It is important to note this involves the previous owners though and not the current owners of the Atlanta Hawks.

Having a solid background, and being a philanthropist in the community, read more on PR News, in addition to his own law degree, Bruce Levenson and his partners are sure to come out on top no matter what.


Securus Technologies Makes It Safer In Facilities

Securus Technologies is in the spotlight again with their implementation of their Wireless Containment Solution. They have created this technology to help keep crime at a minimal in correction facilities across the nation. Other companies have tried to do this too, but they were not able to because they didn’t have the success at creating it.


The Wireless Containment Solution was created by Securus Technologies because inmates and prisoners were using cell phones and contraband that on the wireless networks to contact others that would carry out criminal activity for them. With the Wireless Containment Solutions, the facilities will be able to track these devices and cell phones, and stop the people that are trying to commit crimes right away. It is a technology that is very good, and it works well, as the facilities are having a lot of success with it.


Securus Technologies also wants the public to know just what they do on a regular basis. They want people to come to their Dallas, TX facility to see firsthand the technologies that they are working on. The people will receive a presentation and a tour of the facility, and they will be able to ask any questions that they might have about the company.


The company deals with over a million prisoners each year, and they monitor, videotape and investigate by creating even better technologies for the safety field on a weekly basis. The government uses them regularly to assist them with their correctional facilities, and the world respects them for their expertise the safety field. The success of Securus Technologies is due to the fantastic staff that they employ. These professionals are dedicated to making the world a safer place, and they are doing so on a regular basis. People will hear much more about what Securus Technologies can do in the future, because they are constantly creating new ways to help in the civil and criminal sectors of justice. They are known all over the nation and the world for what they do in the public safety field. Since the company wants to make the world safer, they are always looking for more ways to do so.





Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny Distinguished Physician and Scientist Joins Roswell Park Cancer Institute

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a professor of oncology at New York’s Roswell Park Cancer Institute. In his field, he studies cancer and aging. He received his M.D in internal medicine and his Ph.D in cardiology and experimental medicine from the First Pavlov State Medical University of St.Petersburg.

In 2002 he was appointed an associate professor of medicine at the New York Medical College in Valhalla, New York. He then took a position at Ordway Research Institute in Albany, New York as a senior scientist where he stayed until 2009, at which time he was appointed professor of oncology at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York.

According to Impact Journals, Mikhail Blagosklonny’s interest lie in cancer and cancer therapies that protect normal cells from damage. The aging process is also one of his interests in which he researches underlying mechanisms of aging and the anti-aging drugs.

Mikhail Blagosklonny has authored over 170 research articles and reviews and is the Founding Editor and Editor-in-Chief of Cell Cycle and Associate Editor of Cancer Biology & Therapy. International Journal of Cancer, Cell Death & Differentiation, American Journal of Pathology, and PLOS ONE as also among his editorial interests.

In regards to his research interests, these vary from clinical investigations, molecular and cellular biology. This also includes signal transduction of basic science into the new anticancer strategies. He has extended this into the pathways from cancer to aging, to reveal the potential targets for slowing down aging and age-related diseases.

His hypothesis of the role of TOR signaling in aging and cancer is in proposing a popular cancer drug, rapamycin, as a possible treatment for life extension. He is a passionate advocate for the rapamycin drug in the search for longevity.

According to the scientists of Roswell Park Cancer Center Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny will ease the development of the methods of cancer therapy and prevention and the new anti-cancer strategies.

Research Gate revealed to us that Mikhail Blagosklonny shares his approaches and ideas in regards to protection of normal cells for the radiology and chemotherapy,and the specific tissue therapy and anti-tissue therapy of cancer. The selective combinations of anticancer drugs and the prevention of cancer by means of slowing down organismal aging are also among his research.

Donald Scott NYC tools for shaving

A straight razor is made up of a blade, and a pair of handles called scales. The blade and the handle are held together using a pin. The blade can fold into its handle. The blade shank is the one held during shaving. During shaving, the thumb holds the underside of the blade shank. The other fingers hold the topside of the shank. The handle is placed between the ring finger and the little finger. The skin must tightly stretch when shaving. For safety, the blade is set at an angle of 30 degrees to the skin. Donald Scott NYC is one of the many manufacturers of razor tools and is rated as the best in the market.
A single straight razor can be used multiple times without replacing hence reducing the cost of shaving. A shavette razor is a similar product used for shaving. It uses changeable blades and is efficient for shaving when in a hurry. It also requires less maintenance.
Donald Scott NYC most popular products include New Naked Blades which are disposable razors with maximum flexibility and glide. Also, Donald Scott NYC offers a Groom Stik Pro; a long lasting battery operated trimmer that grooms hard to reach places like near the ears and eyebrows.

Timothy Armour: Chairman And Chief Executive Officer

Timothy Armour is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Capital Group. He has completed a bachelors degree in economics at Middlebury College, and has completed over thirty years of investment experience all within Capital Group. Capital Group is an American financial services company and one of the world’s leading and largest investment management firms.

Armour was elected to become the Chairman of Capital Group, after serving as Chairman of Capital Group’s management committee and Capital Research and Management Company. The change of leadership seems to have been years in the making, and was finally complete after the passing of Jim Rothenberg, the former Chairman.

Capital Group and Samsung Asset Management announced plans for a partnership, that would work on developing investment plans for investors in Korea. The strategic partner ship would focus on four main components: investment management processes, retirement solutions, product management and distribution channel support.

According to the agreement, Capital Group would help Samsung Asset Management become more knowledgeable when it comes to ‘Capital Style Active Management.’ And would help the Samsung become more proficient at business management and client management. This agreement was partly made in hopes that Samsung Asset Management would become one of Asia’s top home grown management companies by the year of 2020.

Another key motivator for the partnership was in order to develop co branded retirement products for the Korean market. The Samsung CEO Sung-Hoon Koo has said that they have been expecting demands for retirement solutions to increase, so the strategic partnership with Capital Group was welcomed. This demand for retirement solutions will benefit both Samsung and Capital Group, with more business and support.

And finally, another reason the partnership was formed was so the Capital Group’s products and services were to be used and distributed across multiple Samsung distribution channels. The partnership was to the core a strategic investment for both companies with Samsung Asset Management to learn valuable information from the more experienced Capital Group, and the Capital Group to use Samsung distribution channels to distribute some of their own products and services to the Korean investors. Armour had this to say about the matter, “broader plan is to co-design investment solutions to fulfill the savings, retirement and insurance-linked needs of Korean investors.”

Securus Technologies Stand On the Claims Made By GTL

On July 9, 2016, the Securus Technology came out strongly to respond to the claims that GTL had made two days earlier. The press release aimed at correcting the inaccuracies made by Global Tel Links – one of its closest competitors.


The following issues were brought to the light:


The stayed case in Texas Federal Court limits GTL from seeking any of the reliefs they claimed they would pursue in the District Court. Also, Securus intentions to move for rehearing of the 816 patent means that it has not been validated and as such, GTL cannot seek damages or injunction.

None of the innovations were found to be patentable by PTAB. Rather, they promised to review it.

As far as getting back to court in a few months is concerned, Securus downplayed the possibility of the jury hearing evidence any time soon.

GTL’s efforts to seek injunction and damages requiring Securus to stop using the GTL’s patented video visitation technologies are unfounded. Securus is not using patented technologies of GTL.

Securus dismissed GTL’s claim about its habit of using vague legal claims and accusations to pressure its rivals to settle patent disputes on terms that are only favorable to them.


With its headquarters in Dallas, Securus Technologies serves more than 2600 agencies operating within the public safety, correction agencies and law enforcement sectors. More than one million inmates in the different parts of North America reap substantial benefits from the communication solutions offered by the company.


On May 12, 2016, Securus announced that it had received accreditation from BBB (Better Business Bureau) with an A+ rating.