Matt Badiali Uses His Resources to Help Others

Since Matt Badiali started helping people, he’s always known a lot about the right way to do things and what he can do to make a difference. He has a lot of experience in the industry and always feels good about giving back no matter how hard he has to work to show people what they can get from different situations. It’s his goal of giving that allows him to work successfully as a resource officer and that’s how he has to make the most out of his time with Banyan Hill. He is their expert investment person and that’s how he knows he’s always doing things the right way. There are many times when he has to try different things to make the most out of the situations he deals with. No matter what he does or how hard he has to work, Badiali feels good about the resource investment experience he has.

For Matt Badiali, things continue getting better as long as he can make sure people understand what he’s doing. He doesn’t want to worry about issues that could come as a result of him trying things in a different way. He also doesn’t want people to think he’s pushing too hard to become specialized in different areas. For Badiali, the point of doing all this is so he can work as an expert. He doesn’t care about the issues that might come as a result of his hard work. He also doesn’t worry about how hard other people work for success because he knows he’s doing the right thing no matter what.

Even when Matt Badiali first started, he felt there were times where he’d have to make more out of the situations he was in. Matt Badiali also felt things would keep changing if he didn’t have the right opportunities to help himself with the future. Even though he knew it would be different for him each time he did something as a part of the industry, he also felt things would get better because of the way he did things. It was his goal to help people and show them what they could get.

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Success Story Of Louis Chenevert

The success contributor of United Technologies Corporation (UTC), Louis Chenevert is a living proof that where you were born does not define your future. Born in Montreal, Quebec in 1958, Louis lived a rather simple life. His family was not well off but managed to give him the best gift a parent can offer to his or her child-education.


At a tender age, Louis had developed a great passion in the field of business and entrepreneurship. It is no wonder that he managed to pursue a business course at the University of Montreal which earned him a bachelor’s degree in production management. According to Louis Chenevert, knowing what you want and working hard with great determination towards achieving it is the first step of success. In application of his very own philosophy, he was able to achieve greatness in his professional journey which began in 1979 at General Motors.



Here, Louis worked for 14 years before joining Pratt &Whitney Canada (PWC) in 1993. He became promoted as the vice president of Pratt & Whitney (P&W) in 1999, and because of the numerous achievements he had been making for P&W, UTC decided to consume him as their employee where he was tasked with the position of president, chief executive and head of UTC’s firm. He managed to help UTC acquire Goodrich at a reasonable price of $18.5 billion. During his leadership reign in UTC, Louis Chenevert managed to raise the UTC’s share price from $37 to $117 weekly which equated to 200% appreciation.


Also, Louis Chenevert improved the jet engines produced by UTC by emphasizing on the use of sophisticated technologies in making these jets. This in turn improved the profit of the company as the jet engines were able to sell not only in United States and Canada but across of nations of the globe. Influenced by this fact, the company is today the leading manufacturer of US helicopters and the largest elevators and aerospace manufacturing firm globally. Although Louis managed to retire willingly from UTC in 2014, such great impacts and his contribution towards the development of UTC will undoubtedly remain unerased.

The Head Of The Class on Tech: ClassDojo

Technology has come a long way in a few short years. In the old days, computers were a rarity and quite large. Now students, teachers, and parents can keep in touch with the launch of a single app on computers or phones. The company is called ClassDojo. It was founded in 2011 and has helped revolutionize the way that kids can learn and keep parents informed on how their child is doing in school.

ClassDojo has been able to bring students, teachers, and parents together for the benefit of education. One way that teachers can use the platform is by rewarding good things that happen in the classroom. The platform can be used to keep track of such things as students working hard on an assignment, helping each other when one student is having a difficult time, or when a student does well on a quiz or test. By using this system students can be rewarded for different things depending on what they are doing.

Teachers can benefit from ClassDojo by setting up plans for each day to make it fun for kids. They can create an atmosphere of positive feedback and the app can help students who need to have extra time on lessons outside of the classroom so they can keep up with the lessons during the day.

ClassDojo can help parents by keeping them involved in what the child is doing in the classroom. The parent can join a chat to see how the lessons are going. The app also allows for the kids to have quiet time with their families. These are just a few of the things that ClassDojo can help with.

ClassDojo has set the precedent for technology in the classroom. This is why parents, students, and teachers put it at the head of the class.

Doe Deere Founder Of Lime Crime

It is no surprise how fast the famous Lime Crime has become so popular, with a founder like Doe Deere any business would be sure to take off rapidly. Doe Deere’s open minded love for all colors, has made Lime Crime a fit for all make up lovers. Doe Deere has instilled in Lime Crime, a cruelty free product, that is also vegan as well.


Lime Crime offers those bold beautiful colors, that will match anybody’s wardrobe and mood. Doe Deere oversees all of Lime Crimes products, and makes sure that each individual product is just perfect before putting them out there in the world for sale. Unicorn colors, rainbow colors, and freedom is what Doe Deere keeps in mind when creating colors and looks for her make up products, which are a huge hit for any makeup lover.

Not being afraid to be you, is the message that Doe Deere likes to send out, when people are using her products. Being able to express yourself and your mood, is the type of feeling customers get when purchasing Lime Crimes products. Doe Deere is a bold, eccentric woman who is not afraid to be unique.


Lime Crime was started in 2008, and is still going strong today, with many colors and schemes available, people can find any shade they are really looking for. Not only is the product excellent, but the packaging of each product also catches the costumers eye. With beautiful unicorns encasing the lipsticks of Lime Crime, Doe Deere knows exactly what she is doing, and knows exactly how to sell.


Doe Deere looks to her customers, and followers for that extra inspiration that keeps Lime Crime going strong today. Doe Deere is an inspiration of a woman, and many younger people look up to her, for the success she has attained by simply following her dreams.

Vijay Eswaran: A Successful Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Vijay Eswaran is a high achiever who set his bar high from a tender age. His ambitions fueled him to start his QI Group company two decades ago, and through hard work and determination, he has built the company to serve over 20 countries across the world. He has also diversified the company’s area of specialization and invested in big and profitable industries such as in telecommunication.

The 57 years old Malaysian tycoon and an economist by training and profession love reading as well as writing inspirational books. He is utterly passionate about education and the power that the books hold. His love for love books and believe in education is evident by his relentless advocacy for quality and relevant education in South East Asia.

He has also encouraged people to take time and study, and he has communicated the same through his books. When looking deeper into his books and the numerous motivational speaking seminars he has held, you will realize that he is so passionate about two significant items. He has written and spoken extensively on personal growth and the importance of acquiring proper life management skills. He has also demystified various topics on leadership skills and how to successfully manage businesses and entrepreneurial ventures.

On many occasions, Vijay Eswaran has shared his reading habits, and he has always said that reading gives him power. His philosophy is that reading gives an individual authority to imagine, to learn, to gain and disseminate ideas, and to reshape once thinking and perception about various subjects.

Vijay Eswaran has published various books that talk about his philosophy. For instance, he effortlessly describes his personal life management philosophy in his very first book to publish. He and delineates on his life’s reflection in his second book (In the Thinking Zone). He shows how written words will always transcend to quench the need for knowledge and human understanding. Find out more about Vijay Eswaran:

Randal Nardone, Co-founder of Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone is one of the leading founders of the Fortress Investment Group. This company is an investment management firm. This company was started in 1998 and it was publicly traded in 2007. It was the first largest equity firm in the United States. Randal Nardone is also the CEO of this organization. He held this position since 2013. His leadership has helped the company to generate $70 billion from alternative assets in private equity, hedge funds and from the marketing of credit funds. Nardone got his start as a lawyer. He worked with a law firm called Thacher Proffitt & Wood and he was also employed with the firms BlackRock Financial and UBS.

Randal Nardone received a BA from the University of Connecticut and a JD from the Boston University School of Law. He originally was a lawyer but decided to switch professions after he realized that the fields of finance and law often interact. He had worked with many clients in the area of finance and it helped to influence his decision to move in that direction.

Fortress Investment Group has grown profitably while under Nardone’s leadership. His leadership style benefits the whole entire company and not just the most important parts. His wholistic approach allows him to manage everything from employee wellness to customer satisfaction. Nardone has many years of experience in the field of finance and he knows how to manage people. This experience has assisted him in his effort to build up the Fortress Investment Group into a successful enterprise.

One thing that Fortress Investment Group does well is to provide sound financial advice to companies and to individual clients. The company’s success in this area has helped many customers to achieve their financial goals and to increase their wealth. Nardone plays a big part with his client’s success. Randal Nardone enjoys his work and he continues to serve his organization with great enthusiasm. He wants his clients to know that he has their best interest and that their success is his success. Meet Fortress Investment Group’s Ex-Billionaire Interim CEO

From DJ to “The Chainsmokers”, Alex Pull rises out of the ashes.

You might ask yourself, “Who is Alex Pall?” He would tell you, “I am just a guy in love with music.” He is only one of a pair of two men who make up the band, “The Chainsmokers”. He grew up in New York City only doing his passion for music as a hobby. Moon lighting as a DJ at night while, working a dead end job during the day. Alex came to feel there was more to life. Alex wanted to make pop dance music.

Alex’s manager introduced him to Andrew Taggart. The two got together and formed the legendary band. Both members driven by their shared love for music. They came up with the unique sound that makes them famous and loved all over the world. Both boys play the musical instruments combined with a computer style. Unknown to them that their success would take another turn in a different direction. Both Alex and Andrew worked very hard and their combined efforts paid off. Little did Alex know with his partner that his next musical project would put them over the top.

In July 27 2016 the band release their track single “Closer”. Unlike any hit that

“The Chainsmokers” came up with, this beauty made it to the top. The band normally chose female lead singers for their songs but, went a different way this time. Hensley with Andrew, as lead singers on this single, made an unforgettable duet and became number one on the pop charts.

Now, who is Alex Pall? He is a Legend in his own making. A man who strived to make his dreams come true. From a small time DJ to a hit band “The Chainsmokers”, he blazes a path for future generations to enjoy dancing to a different tune. We all wait in anticipation of the next hit that will burn its way to the top of the pop hit culture.

Waiakea Water Company Produces 8.8 pH, The Safest Alkaline Water On The Planet

Although almost 70 percentage of the Earth is filled with trees and water, it is not easy to get clean drinking water. For many people, if they’d get bottled water, they would be sure they are drinking clean water. But the water is expensive. This is not the case in Hawaii thanks to Waiakea Water. The company collects, and packages pure natural volcanic water that springs from Mauna Loa Mountains, one of the five active mountains in Hawaii.

How Safe Is Waiakea Water?

Waiakea Water is so far the safest for human consumption. There are many reasons why one would conclude so. First, because of the volcanic activity in Mauna Loa, essential minerals are left to rest in the water. Remember too that most rivers in the region have their sources up the ‘Long Mountain’ as Mauna Loa is sometimes called. So, naturally, even before any treatment is done, the Hawaiian volcanic water is safe for human consumption.


The other thing is that there is alkaline in the water. This is very important whether the water has been purified by Waiakea Water or not. As for Waiakea Water, a company started in 2012 by Ryan Emmons, you do not have to worry about the level of hygiene put. Each bottle of water by Waiakea Water has proper amounts of electrolytes and mineral salts that are essential for human consumption. What is more is that Waiakea water pH is at 8.8. This is the ideal level of water pH for human use.


Apart from producing water for Hawaii locals, Ryan Emmons with a group of his employees also donate to Africa. Prior to starting Waiakea Water, Emmons travelled to Africa many times. As an aid worker, he got to interact with many needy families in Africa. Having seen how those families struggled to find safe drinking water, he thought of how he’ll at least help them access drinking water. It is true that they may not access Hawaii’s volcanic water but Ryan says that for every bottle of Waiakea Water sold, Africa get 650 liters of water courtesy of Waiakea Water Pump Aid Program.

Jeff Herman, The Voice Of The Voiceless


Jeff Herman is at the helm of the nationally recognized law firm – Herman Law as its founder and managing director. His work, exclusively in the area of sexual abuse, exploitation and other physical violence has been crucial in allowing the victims to find their voice. His work with children in and out of the courtroom has been extremely eye-opening as he continues to shine the light on the predatorial practices, Jeff Herman’s notable forensic child interviewing technique has been extremely helpful to his practice and the authorities. He shares his knowledge of the same by training professionals in various organizations that handle child abuse.


When asked how he manages his busy life, in a stream of work that is nothing short of emotionally charged, Jeff Herman talked about using a team of doctors. Doctors who work in the field of biometric training. He explains how the cases used to weigh on him and have a personal impact, so much so that he almost quit the profession. Biometric Training has allowed him to change the way he approaches his clients, by staying sympathetic and at the same time not taking the case to heart at a personal level and causing himself distress. Read This Article for more information.


Between the grueling hours, heavy subject matter and an unbelievable amount of work, Jeff Herman believes that if anyone young wants to take up the cause, they need to be sure that they are passionate. Becoming an attorney without a passion for the field, he believes, is the reason most people leave the field.


Herman’s belief in simplifying things to its extremely basic form has been immensely important in his career, allowing him to see cases for what they are fundamentally and work on theories as thoroughly as possible before they become facts of the case. Being a visual person, he often uses the assistance of a whiteboard to mark a timeline of the case to help him understand the events and the bigger picture.


It’s clear that Jeff Herman and Herman Law are passionate about their work just as he advised future lawyers to be, it is that passion and unrelenting drive that has made both him and his law firm a household name in the country, giving a voice to the voiceless.


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End Citizens United: Fighting The Undue Influence Present With The Corporate Foundations In Political America

“End Citizens United: Fighting Against “Anything Goes” Campaign Finance” by the writers over at covers the interesting events that surround a recent decision in favor of the small, conservatively-based group Citizens United. Back in 2010, the group went to the Supreme Court over an ad that they released featuring political candidate Hillary Clinton in what can only be dubbed as a feature-length movie attacking the candidate. Upon viewing the movie, the Federal Election Commission demanded that Citizens United disclose their funding sources and preventing them from airing the movie. As a corporation, they were not permitted to air the movie and were even prohibited from creating the communication within so many days of the upcoming election. They immediately took the court’s ruling all the way up to the Supreme Court where they were granted the same freedom of speech rights as normal everyday citizens were.

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For some citizens it seems cut and dry, they wanted to air a movie and they sought the avenues that were available to them in order to air it. End Citizens United saw the long-term implications of such a decision. By extending those same rights to the corporation they also extended the rights of corporations to contribute an anonymously to a candidate’s campaign without a cap to the amount of money that they are able to donate. This means that they can operate with almost 0 checks and balances. It is not only terrifying for the individuals over at End Citizens United but should be something that all citizens worry about when it comes to corporate influence over their local political candidates.

Nowadays, End Citizens United works on securing funding for those candidates that have gone on the record as saying that they do not support this measure or are unwilling to take corporate funding because of this measure. Since these individuals are not taking this funding that puts them at a severe disadvantage when compared to their opponents that may take the funding. This organization helps make the money necessary to help run a campaign and keep these candidates in the race. During their first cycle, they were able to secure more than $25 million to help their candidates all over the nation. This showed that while the corporate thread is still looking for many individuals, organizations such as End Citizens United will continue to push for the Supreme Court to overturn this amount of undue influence.

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